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Into the Heart - A Journey through the Theology of the Body

Into the Heart - A Journey through the Theology of the Body

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Product Description

Into the Heart: A Journey Through the Theology of the Body is a 16-part, eight-hour study. Building upon An Introduction to the Theology of the Body, Into the Heart will move you deeper into this life-changing message, enabling you to apply and integrate it into every aspect of your life. Here you will be given the tools needed to develop the sacramental worldview that is so crucial to living an authentic human sexuality.

As Christopher says, “The Theology of the Body provides a ‘lens’ through which to view the whole mystery of human life,” therefore leaving no part of our world untouched. In Into the Heart, he guides us on a life-changing journey, as we begin to move the rich teaching from our head to our heart, which is “our deepest interior self where we are alone with ourselves and God.” Take the transforming Into the Heart journey and you will discover the “mystical key” that opens the “holy door” to deep intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Along the way, you will learn what saints and mystics alike have always known: a life of ecstasy and deep union with God is not only possible - it is actually a lot closer than you think!

Into the Heart contains sixteen, half-hour sessions. Titles include:


  • A Vision of Hope for the Heart
  • Nuptial Union: A Call to Deep Intimacy with God
  • The Heart: A Battlefield between Love and Lust
  • The Ultimate Fulfillment of the Body
  • Celibacy and Sexuality
  • The Great Mystery of Marriage
  • Singing the Song of the Body

    …And much more

    This Starter Pack (Item# 1011715) contains everything a facilitator needs to run an Into the Heart study including:


  • Into the Heart 8 DVD Set
  • Student Workbook
  • Leader's Guide

    You may also purchase these items indiviually: 8 DVD Set (Item #4003032), 8 CD Set (Item #5003024), Student's Guide (Item #1011704), Leader's Guide (Item# 1011692)

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Author: Christopher West
  • Format: Softcover
  • Language: English

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Reviews - Into the Heart - A Journey through the Theology of the Body

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Review: It is a blessing to be introduced to the teaching of st. John Paul II in that wonderful way. English is my second language but I am capable to understand everything because of Christopher West amazing skills.
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