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The Liturgy of the Hours - Set of 4 Volumes

The Liturgy of the Hours - Set of 4 Volumes

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Product Description

This complete four volume set of The Liturgy of the Hours was published by Catholic Book Publishing Corporation in 1976. This four volume set includes the Saint Joseph Guide for the Liturgy of the Hours and an outline and format guide to teach the proper way to pray this universal and beloved Church prayer.

The set is available in either black bonded leather, with gold gilded pages (Item #1033343) in imitation leather - red, blue, green, and brown, with colored gilded pages to match the cover (Item# 1033358) or in large print leather - red, blue, green, and brown (Item #1033493). The large print volumes have a 14 point font size (book covers are not available for the large print version).

The Liturgy of the Hours is meant to be a prayer encompassing the entire Body of Christ: clergy, religious and laity. Since ancient times Christians adopted the Jewish custom of setting apart specific times of the day for prayer. Eventually certain times for common prayer were established. Today this custom is called the Liturgy of the Hours, also referred to as the Divine Office or Christian Prayer (shorter form), and is mandatory for clergy and religious, though participation of the laity is highly encouraged. When possible the clergy and laity may join together for prayer especially when Vespers is celebrated on Sundays and solemn feast days. This prayer form focuses on the Psalms and includes Bible readings and spiritual writings from the Church Fathers and other authors. The full Liturgy of the Hours includes prayer seven times a day, but many people focus on the major prayer hours which include morning (Lauds) and evening (Vespers) prayers.

  • 1.Matins—(during night)------Nocturns prayer
  • 2.Lauds—(dawn)---------------dawn prayer
  • 3.Terce—(9am)----------------mid-morning prayer
  • 4.Sext—(12 noon)-------------midday prayer
  • 5.None—(3pm)-----------------mid-afternoon prayer
  • 6.Vespers—(evening)----------evening prayer
  • 7.Compline—(before bed)------night prayer

Dimensions & Specifications

  • ISBN: 9780899424118
  • Pages: 8160
  • Language: English
  • Occasion: Holy Orders

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Reviews - The Liturgy of the Hours - Set of 4 Volumes

Average Customer Rating
(4.94/5 Stars, 18 Ratings) Based on 17 Reviews

The Liturgy of the Hours (4 volumes)

Review: Awesome!!! I purchased the vinyl covers and am extremely pleased with the quality.

Liturgy of the Hours

Review: The Format of the liturgy is easy to follow. And the Guide book is very helpful too. I personally believe the praying of the hours is a Blessing and a way to say and learn about life and how to live it completely.

Beautiful books!

Review: These books are beautiful. They are very well built, easy to move through, and I know they will last for many years. I was so impressed at how carefully they were packaged! Each book came individually wrapped and the entire set was boxed so professionally. I use them daily and I am very satisfied!

Good for Prayer and Meditation

Review: I find it useful to maintain the morning, evening and night prayers and I find the office of readings especially useful for daily Lectio Divina.

Very pleased

Review: I only just purchased this set and am still working through the rhythm of the Liturgy of the Hours. I do find that the more I use the prayer, the better I understand how the Hours work; when praying the Hours consistently, I also find that it is difficult to be focused on unpleasant, sad, or negative thoughts for very long. I am delighted with this purchase and The Catholic Company Customer Service.

Liturgy of the Hours-what could be better?

Review: I have used the Shorter Christian Prayer initially, moved to Christian Prayer and then decided that I would like the whole package. I am still learning to navigate the volumes, but am most pleased and feel that I have been given a great work.

Easy to read

Review: I am a cradle Catholic, Pope Pius X11 was my Pope while attending high school. I finally obtained my own edition of The Liturgy Of The Hours it is easy to read and understand. I highly recommend it. The Catholic Company shipped it WITHIN 2 days. I ordered it on a Tuesday Oct 28 at 6:33 pm and received it by the Thursday Oct 30 at 1:01 pm. Fantastic customer service to the Catholic Company keep up the good work.


Review: As a appreciative customer I would simply suggest a way to learn and pray the LOTH. After you purchase your wonderful set, go to Divine Office org Millions of people have come to use this site which offers full text, audio prayed/sung, and multiple download options. Thank you Catholic Company for your dedication, excellent customer service, and fine religious products. Thank you for helping the Body of Christ pray unceasingly the second most important prayer of the Church. Pax et Bonum, Paul CFP

Absolutely excellent

Review: The 4-volume Liturgy of the Hours has plenty of readings and commentary on the Holy Scripture.

great quality

Review: Haven't quite figured out how to use, but seems like fantastic books.

Beautifully Made!

Review: I would recommend these to anyone.



Great Addition to Catholic Library

Review: A little difficult to understand at first but easy with a little practice. Great addition to daily prayer/meditations. Best Uses: Daily meditations

Lives up to its promise

Review: Best Uses: Daily devotions, Enjoy beauty of poetry, Meditations; Pros: Beautiful, Comprehensive, Easy to follow

Excellent! Thank you.

Review: For praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

Wow! What a blessing. Be patient.

Review: Thinking about praying the Liturgy of the Hours? Do it! Praying with the Church is not only valuable on its own, but adds a new vigor to the spontaneous prayers we say in fact, it makes it easier to pray constantly. For a layperson, it helps to learn with others who know (priests are open to this). The St. Joseph guide is very helpful as well. Go easy on yourself at first with learning the rubrics, etc. But this is well worth the effort. I own no other set to speak of. This is beautiful, and I can put little prayers in multiple places. Yes, I write in my breviary. I find this easier to use than the one volume set ("Christian Prayer"), and the Office of the Readings has been priceless.

Beautiful Devotional Tools

Review: I'm really enjoying my 4-volume Liturgy of the Hours set...although as a cradle Protestant I am just learning to use them. They are of excellent quality and I look forward to using them for many years.
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