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The Love that Made Mother Teresa

The Love that Made Mother Teresa

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Product Description

  • The Love that Made Mother Teresa 
  • Author: David Scott 
  • Biography and spiritual readings 
  • New stories from Mother Teresa’s life 


Part biography and part spiritual reading, these pages bring to light little-known stories from Mother Teresa’s life that will help you to grow in your love of God. You will learn her approach to reading Scripture, what enabled her to persevere through agonizing nights, and the remarkable events that led her to start the Missionaries of Charity. In considering Mother Teresa, her private visions, and her secret sufferings, David Scott has discovered scores of early episodes and chance encounters that point to later, larger meanings. These remarkable patterns, he suggests, show that Mother Teresa’s life was choreographed from above, as if a divine script had been written for her from before her birth. In these pages, you will meet for the first time the Mother Teresa who challenged the ancient Goddess of Death and became the first saint of our global village. You will read as she describes, in long-secret letters, the dark night of her soul. The woman you will meet is one that God himself sent to you as a clear sign that despite pain and suffering in our lives and in our world, God’s good love will prevail . . . beginning in the slums of our hearts. We are all called to holiness, and the saints are sent to us as “real life” examples of God’s love. With Mother Teresa as your guide, you’ll learn how to follow God’s call and find holiness in a world marked by the shadow of death and growing indifference to God. Indeed, you’ll learn how to be an everyday missionary of Christ’s love in the ordinary activities of your daily life. 


Dimensions & Specifications 

  • Foreword by: Archbishop Jose H Gomez 
  • 144 pages
  • ISBN: 9781622822003


ISBN: 9781622822003
Author: David Scott
Pages: 144
Format: Softcover
Language: English
Saint: Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

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Reviews - The Love that Made Mother Teresa

Average Customer Rating
(5.00/5 Stars, 2 Ratings) Based on 2 Reviews

The Love that made Mother Teresa

Review: I couldn't put it down. Went back and read it more slowly, letting it sink in. It's a real treasure. I will be sharing this one for sure.

The Love that Made Mother Theresa

Review: This book is a fabulous rendering; not a biography but almost an expose. We see Mother Theresa for who she is, not just the world renowned personality/profile we are all familiar with. What's astounding is the fact that we never really thought about it; how she was the most popular personality of the day during some decades; most famous yet obscure. We knew nothing about her but her picture is universally recognized. Fascinating book.
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