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Discover the rich content, daily relevance and sheer beauty of Magnificat, the daily Mass companion.
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Magnificat Magazine Subscriptions
Lavishly printed, visually stunning, and easy-to-read pocket-sized daily Mass companion. For use in church or at home and ideal for personal or family prayer.
Subscription Services
Magnificat 1-Year Subscription
One and Two Year Subscriptions
Most Popular - Order the Magnificat home delivery option for one or two years.
Magnificat Latina Subscription
Magnificat Latina Subscription
Magnificat in Spanish - one or two year subscriptions.
Magnifikid! Subscription
MagnifiKid Subscriptions
Magnificat for Kids! Perfect for use in church and education. Ages 6-12.
Protect your Magnificat
Cover your Magnificat to protect it during the trip to church and in daily use.
Returns accepted for 30 days.
Magnificat Black Leather Cover
Black Leather Cover
Classic styling and superior protection. Perfect for heavy use.
Magnificat Brown Leather Cover
Brown Leather Cover
Exceptional protection. Great for regular use.
Faux Leather Cover for Magnificat
Faux Leather
Good protection that's easy on the budget.
Magnificat Plastic Cover
Plastic Cover
Basic protection for daily use.
Magnificat Accessories
Enhance your prayer experience with Magnificat companions, books, and note cards.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
The Magnificat Advent Companion
Magnificat Advent Companion
Invaluable little booklet promises to bring you ever closer to the Infant King.
The Magnificat Rosary Companion
Magnificat Rosary Companion
Lush illustrations, rich meditations, comprehensive
prayers, and insightful essays.

Magnificat Rosary Note Cards
Magnificat Rosary Note Cards
Share the beauty of the rosary each time you write a note.
Splendors of the Magnificat
Splendors of the Magnificat
Experience the joy of Mary's Magnificat through art and classical music.
The Largest Selection
In stock. Ready to ship.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Returns accepted for 30 days.
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