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More Precious Than Jewels - How to Be a Godly Wife and Mother - CD

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Often women in our culture find it difficult to run the race set before them by the Lord. Others suffer with the pain of confusion, frustration and the feelings of incompleteness from living outside of God’s will. Was it God’s plan for women to be consigned to a role without dignity, respect or appreciation?

Kimberly’s encouraging message is based on an exegetical approach to Proverbs 31 that connects several Scriptural passages to reveal God’s intended role for women. From Eve to the story of Ruth to the Annunciation and Kimberly’s own experiences as wife and mother, her expository message examines the paradigm of how God calls women to live a joyful life according to His will.

In living out their unique vocations, all women, whether married, single or religious, face numerous obstacles that society puts in their way. In fact, our society is making an all out assault to distract and confuse women about living within the bonds of the marriage covenant. That’s why Pope John Paul II wrote, “Mary’s consent at the Annunciation and her motherhood stand at the very beginning of the mystery of life which Christ came to bestow on humanity” (Evangelium Vitae). The result of a young women’s unwavering “yes” to life lead to the world’s opportunity for salvation.

Coming from a devout evangelical Protestant upbringing, Kimberly’s view of the importance of Christianity in the lives of both Catholic and Protestant women is peerless. Her long and difficult conversion offers a particularly inspiring number of spiritual insights for women wrestling with denominational division over the role of women in the Church. She acknowledges that there are several Scriptural based reasons why a woman’s true joy begins when she chooses to respond to God’s calling--either to the religious life, to a life of Christian service in the single state, or as a “Godly wife” and mother.

Experience Kimberly’s heartfelt message about Biblical revelation and the Catholic teaching of the unique roles, and special vocations for women. Not only will her poignant stories help dispel much of the confusion that women face on their faith-filled journey, but you’ll also be encouraged to make a claim for the respect and dignity that God intended for all woman who are His precious gift.

This wonderful series is the perfect gift for any women searching for faith-filled answers--from a lukewarm Catholic, to a woman looking at the Catholic Church for the first time, or even for men struggling to understand their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters better. Here are the answers for women who want to win the race and run with the Lord.

In this series you’ll learn:

  • What the Bible says about women’s roles
  • How Jesus restored dignity to women
  • The special suffering of mothers
  • Mary as the model of Christian womanhood
  • Balancing the roles of wife and mother
  • The theology of the body
  • Christian women as entrepreneurs
  • Author: Kimberly Hahn

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