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Mother Teresa - In Her Own Words (Audio-book)

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The Twentieth Century was deeply impacted by one of the greatest, most inspiring spiritual leaders of all time: Mother Teresa of Calcutta. For millions of people around the world, Mother Teresa stood as the ultimate example of belief and faith in action. She was living proof that one person, filled with love, purpose and determination, really can make a difference - can, in fact, touch the entire world. This program, narrated by Dr. Lou Tartaglia and woven together with personal insights from Father Angelo, includes some of the rarest recordings ever presented to the public from Mother Teresa herself. The result is something truly unprecedented: A rare and precious glimpse into Mother Teresa's private thoughts, and spiritual insights... and a practical blueprint for creating a life of deeply authentic spirituality, according to her example.

Running time: Approximately 6.4 hours, 6 CD's. Read by Mother Teresa and Dr. Lou Tartaglia

Author: Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Father Angelo Scolozzi
Language: English
Saint: Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

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Reviews - Mother Teresa - In Her Own Words (Audio-book)

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For all Mother Therese lovers

Review: I listen in my car. I wish I drove more. You just can't get enough of this Mother Therese special. As a huge follower of Mother Therese, it almost makes you feel like you are right there listening to her. It is so special. I wish I had met her. A woman very hard to describe in a few short words, truly remarkable. A woman that did little things with Great Love. This is truly an inspiring and a must read/listen to book/audio. Simply, Mother Therese Stacey, Wakefield, QC, Canada
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