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A Mother's Bouquet: Rosary Meditations for Moms

A Mother's Bouquet: Rosary Meditations for Moms

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Product Description

Grow in holiness within the wondrous vocation of motherhood with these rosary meditations written especially for Moms.

Spirituality "This rosary for moms not only helps guide our prayer, but teaches the heart at the same time." -- Father Doug Lorig, creator of the soon-to-be released Spirituality of Parenting video series.

About the Author

Sherry Boas holds a B.S. in journalism from Arizona State University and wrote for a daily newspaper for ten years. Although she won numerous awards as a journalist, it was her vocation as a mother that would best prepare her for an author's career. For her, truth resounds in the struggles and triumphs of every-day family life. And fiction, although made up, must still be true.

Sherry has a passion for truth and is picky about little else. Except, of course, how her coffee is grown, harvested, roasted, ground, stored and brewed. She places such a high value on friendship, however, that she will drink even a bad cup of coffee with a good friend.

Sherry and her husband, Phil, are the joyful adoptive parents of four warm-hearted and highly-adrenalized human beings, who make life rich beyond belief. They live in Arizona.



“They took him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord.” Luke 2:22

Lord, I present all my children to you. They are this life’s greatest blessings, but I do not own them. No soul is any other’s possession. Every human being belongs to you. My children are on loan to me, sent into this family for the fulfillment of your perfect plan of love and redemption. May I do my part to fashion them into faithful disciples who will serve you well as members of the Body of Christ. Just as Mary and Joseph consecrated baby Jesus to God the Father, I long to consecrate my children to you, setting them apart for your service. May these tiny hands I hold do your work some day in building up the kingdom. May these tiny feet I wash carry the Good News some day into an aching world. May the faces I kiss always reflect your love to all who gaze upon them. May I never forget the unfathomable privilege you have given me – that of helping you shape souls that will love and praise you forever.

4.25 X 5.5

ISBN: 9780983386636
Author: Sherry Boas
Format: Softcover
Pages: 60
Language: English

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Reviews - A Mother's Bouquet: Rosary Meditations for Moms

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A comfortfor me

Review: Helpful meditations
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