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One Who Served: My Journey in Uniform

One Who Served: My Journey in Uniform

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Product Description

  • One Who Served: My Journey in Uniform
  • Authors: John Sydney Tighe, Robert P. Giers, BMCM (SW) Edward F. Gallagher IV USNR (ret)
  • A beautiful way to record and share memories of the history of your service to our country


Social media allows friends and family to take part in each other’s lives when they can’t be physically together. While this is good, and has greatly enhanced the lives of those serving in uniform, and deployed, it is also fleeting. What remains is the handwritten letter from a wife or girlfriend, with just a hint of perfume. The special card from a husband that arrives just in time for your birthday. The haphazard scribbles of a three year old child which translates into “Mommy or Daddy, I love and miss you”. These are the things kept in a safe place in a footlocker, pinned to the bottom of the bunk above you, or kept in a wallet where they can be revisited time and time again. Eventually, these yellowed and tattered items help form the memories of your life in service, a time never to be repeated. These are memories worth keeping alive, not only for your own reflection but for that of your children and grandchildren.

To this end, we have created One Who Served: My Journey in Uniform. It is a journal, not intended for everyday use but to record those snapshots of time that matter the most. Your initial training, schools, deployments, friends made and friends lost. A place for special messages from your family. It is a book that you take with you downrange. And when and if you have the luxury of rest, of letting your guard down, for a few blessed moments, it is a book you can pull from your rucksack or locker and record thoughts of the here and now. It will become a history of your service and of the world and people around you. Once done you will put it away, perhaps with a few uniform items, medals, ribbons, and photos things of importance to you. Perhaps you will read the lines you wrote so many years ago. Perhaps you will share the stories with your children or grandchildren…or perhaps they will read of your experiences years after your passing. If you don’t capture these memories for them they will be lost. Don’t let that happen.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 7 ¾ x 9 ¾ inches
  • Illustrated by Christopher Pelicano
  • ISBN: 9780983321811
  • Pages: 143
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Language: English
  • Occasion: Retirement

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Reviews - One Who Served: My Journey in Uniform

Average Customer Rating
(5.00/5 Stars, 3 Ratings) Based on 3 Reviews

Absolutely a wonderful gift addition for a Service Member

Review: One Who Served My Journey in Uniform was given to my son as a gift while he was deployed to Afghanistan. Before sending this journal my daughter and me were able to write him letters that will be in the journal permanently. Once he received his journal he emailed me to tell me how much he appreciated this gift. He proceeded to tell me how the other guys in his squadron were jealous that they didn't have one as well, lol. Later, after he returned home from this deployment he told me that I will never know just how much the journal meant to him. After very long, tiring days he said that he would re-read the letters that his sister and I had written and he would write things in it as well to relieve some frustration from the day. He has received many awards and achievements while in the Military and with the journal he has a way to keep all together. This is definitely a great book for all service men and women. What better way to remember the things that they have done, the places they have been, the awards and achievements, the good and bad memories than writing them in a book that is permanent. He also stated that the journal has many informative pages that he has enjoyed reading as well. KUDOS to the authors of this journal. Thank you for thinking of our service men and women!!

Absolutely a wonderful gift!

Review: My son was deployed to Afghanistan and this journal was sent to him as a gift. Before mailing the journal to him his sister and I were both able to write a special letter to him inside. Once he received this special gift he immediately emailed me to tell me how much it was appreciated and how all the other guys in his squadron said they wish they had one as well. My son shared with me that after long, tiring days that this journal was his way to sit down and write what he was thinking and feeling and how it helped relieve some frustrations that he may have encountered during that day. He also stated that he had enjoyed reading some of the history in the book as well. Would I recommend this journal? ABSOLUTELY, there is no one that knows better than the Service Man or Woman themselves how they feel and what they are going through, the good and the bad. The awards, achievements the different places visited, etc. Truly a gift for any and all Military! To the authors of this Journal - KUDOS - very well written! Thank you for thinking of our Military Men and Women with this One Who Served - My Journey in Uniform!!

One Who Served - Journal

Review: I received this military journal as a gift. It is a wonderful way for me to recount my journey into the Air Force Reserves, write about my experiences overseas, and remember those people who served with me throughout my military career. I take a few moments to write down a thought or recount an experience that I know will be more meaningful when I look back to share my military journey with others. The journal is a useful & practical gift that will help me remember my service experience.
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