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Protect the Child by Bloch

Protect the Child by Bloch

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Protect the Child by Bloch comes framed in an ornate gold frame with a linen liner. It measures 14x22".

Carl Heinrich Bloch, was born on May 23, 1834, in Copenhagen-Denmark. Carl Bloch became one of Europe's finest portrait painters. The Danish commissioned Carl Bloch to paint 23 new paintings for the King's Praying Chamber in the newly restored Frederiksborg Castle Chapel, which was ravaged by fire in 1859. The assignment of this commission was to illustrate the life of Christ, and Carl Bloch worked on this monumental project for nearly fourteen years. The commission to paint the 23 paintings for The Praying Chamber changed not only Carl Bloch's personal life but also his artistic legacy. Today, some have recognized Carl Bloch as perhaps the greatest artist ever to interpret the life and death of Christ!

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This item has not been rated.
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