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This beautiful Irish Rosary was hand-crafted in Ireland and has beads made of Genuine Connemara Marble.
4.634146 / 5 stars
738 reviews, 4.63 stars
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Lovable as well as prayerful, this sweet plush lamb brings peace and calm. Lil' Prayer Buddy™ is made of whimsical printed fabric and fuzzy fur. With subsequent pushes of the ear, a child's voice recites the Our Father, then the Hail Mary, followed by th
4.489795 / 5 stars
588 reviews, 4.49 stars
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This monthly publication features the complete readings for each Sunday, weekday and feast day Mass; daily reflections and more!PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CAN ONLY PROCESS ORDERS SHIPPING TO ADDRESSES IN THE UNITED STATES
4.796460 / 5 stars
452 reviews, 4.80 stars
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The staunch defense of St. Michael, as depicted in the famous “St. Michael Prayer,” is illustrated in remarkable detail here. The beauty of solid bronze is now available in this bronze-finish resin statue, at a much more affordable price, to enjoy in your home or office. 14.75”H
4.906250 / 5 stars
320 reviews, 4.91 stars
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This large sterling silver Four-Way Cross has a Holy Spirit dove at center and comes on 24" chain.
4.233333 / 5 stars
300 reviews, 4.23 stars
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In burgundy bonded leather with a zipper close, here is an easy-to-read revised edition of this Thomas à Kempis classic by Clare Fitzpatrick. The one religious book that is second only to the Bible in popularity. This treasured book has brought peace to readers for many ages by showing how to follow the life of Christ to which all are called. It has large type and is superbly illustrated.
4.854166 / 5 stars
288 reviews, 4.85 stars
product image
If you're having trouble selling your home, call upon St. Joseph for a little heavenly intercession.
4.725806 / 5 stars
248 reviews, 4.73 stars
product image
This sterling silver Crucifix with ruby stones measures 2" long and comes with a 24" rhodium plated stainless steel chain and deluxe gift box.
4.545454 / 5 stars
242 reviews, 4.55 stars
product image
The perfect illustration that God Keeps His Promises. This cute resin cross measures 8.5" high.
4.913043 / 5 stars
230 reviews, 4.91 stars
product image
Hungry Souls recounts trustworthy, Church-verified accounts of earthly visitations from the dead in Purgatory.
4.535714 / 5 stars
224 reviews, 4.54 stars
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This gold over sterling silver 4-Way medal measures approximately 1 1/4" long and comes with a 24" gold plated stainless steel chain and deluxe gift box.
4.156250 / 5 stars
224 reviews, 4.16 stars
product image
This single volume is the complete source of the Bible passages and prayers that form the rich tapestry of our Mass.
4.767123 / 5 stars
216 reviews, 4.77 stars
product image
The unusual ?speckled? beads have almost a stained-glass look to them... but they?re designed in the Murano glass style in various shades of blue. The ten oval-shaped beads, which can be used for praying the Rosary, are separated by small spacer beads, and completed with Miraculous Medal and Crucifix ?charms.? Stretch bracelet fits most adult and young adult wrists. Bead coloring may vary slightly, due to variations in the glassmaking process.
4.555555 / 5 stars
216 reviews, 4.56 stars
product image
Beautiful San Damiano Cross from The Joseph's Studio Renaissance Collection. Hand-painted and made from a resin-stone mix. Dimensions 10.75"H 8.125"W 1"D
4.958333 / 5 stars
216 reviews, 4.96 stars
product image
This adorable sleeping baby wrapped in angel wings comes from the Joseph’s Studio Renaissance Collection. The tender image of an infant wrapped in the wings of an angel makes a wonderful gift for the birth of a newborn or for a Baptism. The inside of the angel wings are inscribed with the sweet message, “Heavenly angels, sent from above, keep you from harm, wrap you in love.”
4.852941 / 5 stars
204 reviews, 4.85 stars
product image
Sleeping Baby in Wings Garden Figure - 7"Hx15"W. Resin-stone mix. Boxed.
4.900000 / 5 stars
200 reviews, 4.90 stars
product image
A strand of 100 wooden beads, the Jesus Beads are a devotional tool honoring the name of Jesus and imploring the mercy of God. Marked with a cast metal Jerusalem Cross, the beads may be tucked in an included stamped leather pouch for protected transport and storage. A 3 x 3" gift card features the Jerusalem Cross design on one side, and a brief history of the Jesus Beads and an explanation of how to use the beads on the other. Gift packaged. Beads measure 11 1/2" long, pouch is approx. 3 x 3".
4.840000 / 5 stars
200 reviews, 4.84 stars
product image
This beautiful Pearls of Mary gold plated rosary showcases white enamel accents on both the center and the crucifix. Each also is surrounded by small glass pearls. The main beads measure 7mm and the complete rosary measures 22.5" in length. Boxed.
4.800000 / 5 stars
200 reviews, 4.80 stars
product image
Nine groups of four beads each, consisting of three Hail Marys and one Our Father on each in honor of the nine choirs of angels.
4.607142 / 5 stars
196 reviews, 4.61 stars
product image
This small Prayer Book features the Mass and most popular Catholic prayers.
4.843750 / 5 stars
192 reviews, 4.84 stars
product image
Handmade woolen scapular, comes with Jubilee Medal Cross of St. Benedict. Includes accompanying prayers. 21.5" length.
4.750000 / 5 stars
192 reviews, 4.75 stars
product image
Holy water fonts have unfortunately become a diminishing devotional in Catholic homes, but we believe they are making a "comeback." We dip our fingertip into th
4.894736 / 5 stars
190 reviews, 4.89 stars
product image
Most widely known for his intercessory protection from the devil, St. Benedict medals are one of the most powerful in our Catholic faith. They are also the most indulgenced medal in the Catholic Church. This sturdy St. Benedict Rosary features two St. Benedict medals, one in the crucifix and one in the center, both encased in polished wood. The St. Benedict Rosary is large without being heavy, making it an ideal men's rosary. The polished large black wooden rosary beads measure approximately 1cm x 8mm—a perfect large rosary bead size for a man's hands and fingers. The beads are oval and not round, giving more surface area for large fingers to grip. The crucifix is brown with a black edge and silver corpus. The Saint Benedict Rosary comes on a tan cord and measures 19.5 inches. A laminated St. Benedict holy card is included with an image of St. Benedict on the front and a prayer on the back that reads, “God our Father, You made St. Benedict an outstanding guide to teach men how to live in Your service. Grant that by preferring Your love to everything else, we may walk in the way of Your commandments. Grant this through Christ our Lord, Amen.” The St. Benedict Rosary has a great masculine look and feel that would make an ideal men's rosary, or a great gift for anyone with a special devotion to St. Benedict.
4.800000 / 5 stars
180 reviews, 4.80 stars
product image
Features readings for each Mass, 300 pages of prayers/devotions, Responses in Latin and English and 10% larger typeface!
4.583333 / 5 stars
168 reviews, 4.58 stars
product image
This beautifully compiled 4 CD set includes all twenty mysteries, along with scripture and moving music by Still Waters.
4.666666 / 5 stars
162 reviews, 4.67 stars
product image
Made of resin, with a wood-look finish, the crucifix measures an ideal 8.5"H, and is mounted on an ornate base,
4.869565 / 5 stars
161 reviews, 4.87 stars
product image
This book is for anyone who has ever had trouble deciding what to tell their children about Santa Claus. It is perfect for any Christian family who struggles to keep their focus on Christ amid the crushing influence of the secular world. How does one reconcile Jesus and Santa Claus in their thinking? This narrative blends imagination and historical facts in a delightful way that brings Santa Claus - St. Nicholas - to his knees before the living Christ. Introduction by Pat Boone.
4.625000 / 5 stars
160 reviews, 4.63 stars
product image
4.909090 / 5 stars
154 reviews, 4.91 stars
product image
This "Seven Sorrows" chaplet has 7mm black glass beads and pictures of the Seven Sorrows around the chaplet. The center and crucifix are made of silver oxidized metal. The rosary measures 21 3/8" long. Gift box and instructions on how to pray the chaplet are included.
4.529411 / 5 stars
153 reviews, 4.53 stars
product image
This beautiful Stations of the Cross Rosary Contains a Full Color Representation of the 15 Stations of the Cross Illustrated on each interlocked pendant,
4.800000 / 5 stars
150 reviews, 4.80 stars
product image
This most handsome little hinged box features the artist Bouguereau’s “Song of Angels” image, and holds your special items such as jewelry, rosaries or other small mementos. Fits nicely on tabletop or shelf, to be admired and enjoyed. Use it as a “gift box” and include one of the many items we have online. Interior lined with black velvet, and personal photo can also be inserted in lid. Matte black finish with beading detail on lid.
4.931034 / 5 stars
145 reviews, 4.93 stars
product image
This prayer book is an effort to present the beautiful truths and devotions of our Roman Catholic Faith, in order that those who use these prayers devoutly may obtain greater grace to better serve God. The book draws particularly on that gigantic source of God's goodness and mercy - a source which is virtually untapped. Furthermore, there are utilized some texts that come from private revelations which also can spur us on to receive available graces by emphasizing even a deeper devotion to God.
4.916666 / 5 stars
144 reviews, 4.92 stars
product image
4.979166 / 5 stars
144 reviews, 4.98 stars
product image
The island of Murano in Italy is famed for its history and tradition of beautiful blown-glass designs. Our stretch bracelet takes its cue from that artistry, in a more affordable version. Made of glass heart-shaped beads, and complemented with small Crucifix and Miraculous Medal.
4.375000 / 5 stars
144 reviews, 4.38 stars
product image
One volume edition, includes Morning Prayer, Hour of Prime, Midday Prayer, Night Prayer and Office of Readings.
4.750000 / 5 stars
140 reviews, 4.75 stars
product image
This edition of commentaries on all twenty-seven books of the New Testament gives you the complete English (Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition) and Latin (New Vulgate) texts of each book, plus extensive and faithfully Catholic explanations of the scriptural texts and their implications for everyday life. It is self-contained with wide-ranging general intorductions, introductions to each biblical book, a table of sources sited, maps and informative notes. Scholarly and readable, the Navarre bibles are a comprehensive intellectual, historical, and spiritual survey of the riches of the New Testament.

This hardback edition is a larger size (apprx. 7 x 10 inches) to accomodate much more extensive commentary than in either the compact edition or the original paperback 12-volume edition. The commentary focuses in more depth and length as compared with the shorter, more detailed commentary on individual verses or very short sections. It avoids repetition between Scriptural books. There is a unitary vision and explanation for each Scriptural book, more attention to the sense of the text, and the avoidance of repitition in explanations of the synoptic Gospels. The larger trim size and more ample margin allows for easier reading and note taking than in earlier versions.

4.750000 / 5 stars
140 reviews, 4.75 stars
product image
This Saint Michael medal is unlike most; St. Michael is appropriately presented on a “Shield” medal as the protector of all God’s kingdom. St. Michael is the pa
4.650000 / 5 stars
140 reviews, 4.65 stars
product image
Wooden Kiddie Rosary
4.857142 / 5 stars
140 reviews, 4.86 stars
product image
Dimensional resin cross features a stone-look texture and comes ready to hang. Cross measures 7 1/4" x 10 1/2".
4.700000 / 5 stars
140 reviews, 4.70 stars
product image
This popular Bible for RCIA and Confirmation includes inserts featuring 88 common questions about Catholicism.
4.600000 / 5 stars
135 reviews, 4.60 stars
product image
This rosary measures 18" long. The beads are a 6mm blue swirl with capped pearl Our Father beads. The center is a silver oxidized Miraculous photo with silver oxidized crucifix. Gift box included.
4.631578 / 5 stars
133 reviews, 4.63 stars
product image
This set includes the following Ignatius Catholic Study Bibles: Gospel of Luke, The Acts of the Apostles, The Gospel of John, The Gospel of Mark, and The Gospel of Matthew, The Letter of Saint Paul to the Romans, The First and Second Letters of St. Paul to the Corinthians, and The Letters of St. Paul to the Galatians & Ephesians.

Titles also sold separately.

4.750000 / 5 stars
132 reviews, 4.75 stars
product image
From The Joseph's Studio Renaissance Collection, this is a very detailed, hand-painted crucifix made from a resin-stone mix. 13.75"H x 7.5"W x 1.5"D
4.909090 / 5 stars
132 reviews, 4.91 stars
product image
This beautiful translation known for its accuracy, readability, and fidelity to tradition, is now printed in large, easy-to-read type, with over 180 full-color illustrations.
4.928571 / 5 stars
126 reviews, 4.93 stars
product image
7mm St. Therese Rosary with tin cut Rose Aurora Beads. Jewelry box included.
4.750000 / 5 stars
120 reviews, 4.75 stars
product image
The Faith Database is a CD-ROM that provides access to over ten Bible translations, a Greek Bible, papal encyclicals, writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, the Catholic Encyclopedia, over 1,500 books by famous Christian writers, Church history, Bible art, maps, and much more!
3.066666 / 5 stars
120 reviews, 3.07 stars
product image
A four-way cross is made up of four separate medals joined together to form a cruciform. This sterling silver four-way cross features the chalice and host of First Communion in the center. The top features the scapular of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a symbol of Jesus’ incredible love for each and every one of us. To the right is the patron saint of travelers, St. Christopher. The lower portion is the Miraculous medal, which promises divine blessings to those who wear it with piety. The left side depicts St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus and patron saint of workers and families. Undoubtedly, this four-way medal will bring four fold the blessings to your First Communicant and serve as a special reminder of this holy sacrament. Perfect size for daily wear. A popular gift!
4.470588 / 5 stars
119 reviews, 4.47 stars
product image
Looking for some guidance? The Catechism of the Catholic Church will shed some light on many of life's questions.
4.947368 / 5 stars
114 reviews, 4.95 stars
product image
The Essential Lenten Handbook provides everything readers need for a richer experience of the 40 days before Easter.
4.729729 / 5 stars
111 reviews, 4.73 stars
product image
St. Joseph Figure - 10"H. Resin-stone mix. Boxed.
4.863636 / 5 stars
110 reviews, 4.86 stars
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