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Romance Without Regret (DVD)

Romance Without Regret (DVD)

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Product Description

  • Romance Without Regret (DVD)
  • Perfect for young men and women
  • Simple, helpful, and full of truth
  • Beautiful way to discover the power of purity


How do I find love? How far is too far? What am I supposed to do about temptations? How do I start over and regain purity?

Hear Jason and Crystalina speak powerfully about chastity - sometimes with humor, other times bluntly, always with a reverent approach. Their wise words are couple with their own powerful testimonies that have inspired thousands of teens throughout the world.

Whether you are in a relationship, looking for love, or just trying to understand God's plan for properly using the gift of sexuality he has given to you, Romance Without Regret will hand you the tools you need in order to know the difference between love and lust.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Author: Jason & Crystalina Evert
  • Language: English
  • Format: CD

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Reviews - Romance Without Regret (DVD)

Average Customer Rating
(5.00/5 Stars, 4 Ratings) Based on 4 Reviews

Romance without Regret

Review: Excellent! Touches on all reasons that chastity is important. It talks about the sanctity of married sex as well as the negative consequences of premarital sex. This video has captivated those I have shown. It draws young folks in with laughter but makes a strong point and is taken seriously as well.

excellent gift for anyone seeking purity

Review: I purchased two of these for two of my nieces, one DVD and one CD, and they were both thankful and are learning much from it. Best Uses: Education, Everyone; Describe Yourself: Collector; Pros: Engaging

This can make a difference!

Review: This CD is valuable to teens and adults who need to know that chastity is a rewarding and life changing choice. I recommend all high schools and seventh and eighth grade classrooms, make this a part of their yearly commitment. Best Uses: Education; Describe Yourself: Avid Reader, Movie Buff; Pros: Engaging, Entertaining, Funny

Great Talk For Students on Chastity

Review: I purchased the video to show to the students in our religious education program. We showed it to the 10th graders last Monday and they were glued to the screen. It contains information that is relevent to them and Jason and Chrystalina present that information in a way that is very engaging for teenagers. This film is a must for any class on sexuality. Best Uses: Education, Teenagers; Pros: Engaging, Entertaining, Funny
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