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The Seven Big Myths about the Catholic Church

The Seven Big Myths about the Catholic Church

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  • The Seven Big Myths about the Catholic Church
  • Finally: understand the controversies, and see why they are false
  • A fascinating and easy-to-read book
  • Something you will want to share with others


The Roman Catholic Church has long been the target of suspicion and hostility. But how much of this is based on ignorance and prejudice and how much is the fruit of thoughtful consideration of the facts? This book separates fact from fiction. Without excusing or justifying wrongdoing, author Christopher Kaczor clarifies official Catholic teaching and demonstrates that much popular opinion about Catholicism is based on misunderstanding and misinformation. He also provides robust and lucid arguments for Catholic belief and practice. No one book can answer everyone's questions or objections about Catholicism, but this work examines seven of the most controversial and most common myths about the Catholic Church.

The Seven Myths:

  • The Church Opposes Science: The Myth of Catholic Irrationality
  • The Church Opposes Freedom and Happiness: The Myth of Catholic Indifference to Earthly Welfare
  • The Church Hates Women: The Myth of Catholic Misogyny
  • Indifferent to Love, the Church Banned Contraception: The Myth of Opposition between Love and Procreation
  • The Church Hates Gays: The Myth of Catholic "Homophobia"
  • The Church Opposes Same-Sex Marriage Because of Bigotry: The Myth That There Is No Rational Basis for Limiting Marriage to One Man and One Woman
  • Priestly Celibacy Caused the Crisis of Sexual Abuse of Minors: The Myth of Priestly Pedophilia


"Christopher Kaczor is one of our finest young Catholic philosophers. In The Seven Big Myths about the Catholic Church, he shows that he is also one of our finest defenders of the Catholic faith. Essential reading for the new evangelization."
- Most Reverend José H. Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles

"All of this book is full of clarity and charity, but two chapters are masterpieces each worth ten times the price of the whole book. The chapter on contraception is the most simple, commonsensical, winsome, and persuasive I have ever seen. The chapter on same-sex marriage has the clearest and the completest logic I have ever read on the subject."
- Peter Kreeft, Boston College, Author, Because God Is Real

"The Seven Big Myths about the Catholic Church combats the standard errors about Catholicism (so often flung with anger) with nary a hint of combativeness. Indeed, Kaczor loves his enemy. This book is myth-busting at its best about the things that matter most. Listen up. He knows what he's talking about-and so will you."
- Patrick Coffin, Host, Catholic Answers Live

Dimensions & Specifications

  • ISBN: 9781586177911
  • Author: Christopher Kaczor
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 164
  • Format: Hardcover

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This item has not been rated.
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