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The Shadow of the Bear - A Fairy Tale Retold Book 1

The Shadow of the Bear - A Fairy Tale Retold Book 1

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Product Description

New York City. A cry in the street outside begins a mysterious relationship between the Brier family's 18-year-old Blanche, her younger sister Rose, and their mother Jean — and the street-wise but educated young man who calls himself Bear. After several months of regular visits, the girls still know little about the enigmatic Bear, except that there is a strong determination to right a past wrong. Slowly the girls are drawn into the mystery that surrounds their friend, until it overshadows their day-to-day problems of highschool and other relationships. As the action crescendos, Blanche and Rose are confronted with life-threatening dangers and must summon all their courage and faith. A modern mystery novel by Regina Doman with an authentic message for today's youth. Ages 14 and up.

Now available as an audio drama - featuring the voices of Leonardo Defillippis and Alex Fedoryka and based on the book "The Shadow of the Bear". Available as a soft cover book (Item #1005646) or as an Audio DVD (Item #4003935). The audio DVD is playable only in a DVD player, it is audio only. The running time is approximately 4 hours.

In addition to winning The Sonic Society's 2009 Award for "Best Audio Drama Show", The Shadow of the Bear audio drama was also a finalist for:
1) Best Sound and Editing - Northern Rain Studio.
2) Best Script - Regina Doman.
3) Best Actress for Theresa Ford Fisher's performance of Blanche.
4) Best Actor for Alex Fedoryka's performance of Bear.

ISBN: 9780981931807
Author: Regina Doman
Format: Softcover
Pages: 265
Language: English
Occasion: Summer Vacation

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Reviews - The Shadow of the Bear - A Fairy Tale Retold Book 1

Average Customer Rating
(4.67/5 Stars, 3 Ratings) Based on 3 Reviews

Good storytelling

Review: This is a nice story about teens that isn't so sugary coated that it seems unbelievable. Only one episode that was a little of a stretch for me, but the whole book is a great read. Adventure, mystery and piety all at realistic levels. I enjoyed it and so did my 14 yr old daughter. Pros: Noncondescending to teens

Loved it

Review: This is a great adventure/romance/mystery book that is such a good read for teen girls (I would say 13 or up). You can't put it down. It tops other books of its kind because not only does it have a great story line, it also has great morals and Catholic touches. My two sisters and I all LOVED this book, and would also recommend the other three(?) books by Regina Domain as well! We are SO happy to have found some awesome Catholic fiction books that leave you excited to be Catholic. Buy it for any Catholic teen girl and she will love it.

great catholic teenager novel

Review: this is so much better then anything you'll get in the usual teen section. i've already lent it to a friend. but does mention drugs and has some no-so-virtuous characters from their school and from bear's past. overall, i love it!
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