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Sisters of Faith Bracelet

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Product Description

Made of glass beads, this bracelet makes the perfect gift for your sister, or your sister in faith. Measures 7.5".

Enclosed card explains the beads on the bracelet as ..

We came into this world, sisters we'd be,
Playing with dolls, and sipping our tea.
We held each other's hands as we skipped to the park.
Together each moment, from morning
'til dark. Then we became teens and on most days,
it was so much better if we wen our separate ways.
We borrowed each other's things and neglected to ask,
Living together was no easy task.
As we grew older we started to see,
Not only sisters, but friends we could be.
Sisters by fate and friends by choice,
Hardly a day goes by without hearing your voice.
You are my sister, I love you with all my heart,
Only thing's for certain, we'll never be far apart.

To see a copy of this along with the referenced bead, click on the image and select 2 at the top.

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