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St Cayetano Chaplet on Card - Patron Saint for the Unemployed/Job Seekers

St Cayetano Chaplet on Card - Patron Saint for the Unemployed/Job Seekers

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This Saint Cayetano Chaplet features blue plastic beads with a crucifix and and metal of the Saint. Comes carded with a prayer to St. Cayetano on the back. Measures 8.5" in length. St. Cayentano, aka St. Catejan, is the Patron Saint of the Unemployed, Patron Saint for Job Seekers. The prayer on the back of the card that holds the item is ...

Prayer for the Unemployed as they search for work

Oh St. Cayetano, whose inspiration has been a light for multitudes of unemployed, bless our hearts with the light of Christ so that we may be a beacon for others and hold Him in our bosom as you also did. We implore thee for special grace to endure our most troublesome time and not forget the poor in spirit and consequence. Please be by our side and guide us in the will of the Lord, Amen.

How to Pray the Chaplet:

O Glorious St Cajetan, Father of Providence,
give us your miraculous assistance each and every day!

Begin with making the Sign of the Cross.
Pray: O God, come to my assistance, O Lord, make haste to help me.
Glory be to The Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen.

On the beads say the following prayers. In between each bead pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be.

1.  O Glorious St Cajetan, who from the cradle was cared for by angels and adopted as a treasured son of the Blessed Virgin, I beg you to have charge of, console and protect my immortal soul.

2.   O Glorious Saint, who overflowing with charity whilst still only a child, saw the bread of which you had deprived yourself and hidden in order to help the poor, changed into flowers when challenged by those who demanded to see what you carried, grant that I may emulate you and always grow in charity towards my fellow man.

3.   O Glorious Saint, who received the gift of peace from the Holy Spirit who appeared to you in the form of a dove, I pray that you will calm my passions and console me in my difficulties.

4.   O Glorious Saint who received the Child Jesus into your arms from the hands of the Virgin Mary, I pray that you will grant me an ever growing love for God..

5.   O Glorious Saint, whose complete trust and abandonment to Divine Providence caused angels to come to your aid in difficulties, I pray that you will obtain for me an ever growing trust in the Lord.

6.   O Glorious Saint, who was so immersed in prayer and Divine contemplation that you had a vision of your heart flying on fiery wings to our Blessed Saviour, I pray that you will obtain for me a desire to cling more closely to God and reject the inconstant things of this world.

7.   O Glorious Saint, who was transported in ecstacy during prayer and was granted the privilege of enjoying the spiritual sweetness and blessings of the Heart of Mary and the immense graces flowing from the open side of Our Lord, I pray that you will obtain for me purity of heart and tranquility of mind.

8.   O Glorious Saint, who whilst transported by Divine Grace gained the privilege of sharing in a small part of the bitter sufferings of Christ on the Cross, grant me a burning desire to offer up my sufferings in union with the Crucified Christ for the good of my soul and his greater glory.

9.   O Glorious Saint, who worn out by the sufferings and tribulations of this World, gave up your soul into the arms of the Holy Virgin who conducted you to Heaven, where in perfect bliss you ceaselessly sing God's praises, obtain for me a sincere sorrow for my sins, by your Holy Intercession gain for me the graces which I now ask of you and grant that I may merit the Joys of Heaven.

Ending Prayer:
O St Cajetan, through your miraculous intercession,
obtain for us from God, the help of his Divine Providence.


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Reviews - St Cayetano Chaplet on Card - Patron Saint for the Unemployed/Job Seekers

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Review: A friend gave this to me on a Saturday. I prayed it daily, went to confession and mass, and on Monday went to a full day of interviews. I received a job offer that week and started work the next week after 4 months of unemployment. Thanks be to God.


Review: I loved it, but it got lost.

Very, very Nice !

Review: Well made, Good Quality. Very pretty. Nice detail.
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