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Stations of the Cross Rosary - Brown Wood

Stations of the Cross Rosary - Brown Wood

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Product Description

  • Stations of the Cross Rosary
  • Brown round wooden beads
  • Full color art depicting each station
  • Pray the Stations any time, any where
  • Made in Italy


This beautiful brown wood bead Stations of the Cross Rosary (actually a chaplet) contains full color representations of the 14 Stations of the Cross illustrated on each interlocked full-color oval pendant, concluding with the Resurrected Christ centerpiece. Each of the 14 station medals have the station number engraved on the back and are separated from each other with three smaller beads. The resurrection is featured at the center. The crucifix is very unique in that it also represents God the Father and God the Holy Spirit along with the crucified Christ, thus representing the Holy Trinity.  The Way of the Cross is a wonderful prayer and meditation on the Passion of Christ that is ideal for a Friday penitential practice, especially during Lent. It is intended to roll around as you pray and sometimes you will be able to see the number, other times, you are able to see the picture.  

Pray the Stations of the Cross Rosary using the method below:

Make the Sign of the Cross and say the Apostles’ Creed

Say the Act of Contrition, the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be. On the last pray the Prayer to Jesus Christ Crucified:
My good and dear Jesus, I kneel before you, asking you most earnestly to engrave upon my heart a deep and lively faith, hope, and charity, with true repentance for my sins, and a firm resolve to make amends. As I reflect upon your five wounds, and dwell upon them with deep compassion and grief, I recall, good Jesus, the words the prophet David spoke long ago concerning yourself: ‘They have pierced my hands and my feet; they have counted all my bones!

Pray the prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assisi:
We adore You, O Christ, and we praise You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.

Meditate on each Station and pray:
Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be

Lord Jesus Christ, your passion and death is the sacrifice that unites earth and heaven and reconciles all people to you. May we who have faithfully reflected on these mysteries follow in your steps and so come to share your glory in heaven where you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit one God, for ever and ever. Amen.


Dimensions & Specifications

  • 24" silver plated chain
  • Instructions not included
  • Each oval Station measures 1" (L)
  • Crucifix measures 2 1/4" (L)
  • Approx. 24" total length
Occasion: Lent / Easter

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Reviews - Stations of the Cross Rosary - Brown Wood

Average Customer Rating
(4.83/5 Stars, 23 Ratings) Based on 23 Reviews


Review: This is so beautiful, doing a series of Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be to the station reflections---gorgeous. I only wish the printed material was larger and easier to read.

Beautiful rosary

Review: I feel more apt to use this often, rather then just during Lent. It is rather heavy, but then so was the Cross. Best Uses: Can do stations anytime, Can do stations anywhere; Cons: none; Pros: Can pray stations at home, Helps me meditate deeper

beautiful but..

Review: It would be best to have directions...If the 3 beads are Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory Be (or??). When you get to the 14th Station...there are no beads! Directions would be a great help. Cons: Confusing at points, Need clear directions

Perfect Idea

Review: This Stations of the Cross Rosary is perfect for me as it allows me to pray the Devotions since I cannot get to church to attend the church services held on Fridays.

Stations of Cross Rosary

Review: I would like a copy of use directions that was on line when I ordered the Rosary. Pros: I would a copy of use dir

More beautiful than I expected

Review: I would buy more for gifts

Wonderful Way to Pray the Stations

Review: I can't always get to church for the Stations, so this Rosary is PERFECT! Great quality, and will be passed down to my family. ONLY CON: The prayers to be recited SHOULD BE printed on a card (Holy Card - definitely larger than the booklet listing the stations) and accompany the Rosary so you don't have to copy off the order page (above).

Stations of the Cross Rosary Beads

Review: My wife and kids love these beads, especially during Lent when we attend the Stations of the Cross on Fridays...I will definitely be buying more.

Very nice Devotional Aid

Review: This is a nice gift for someone who is unable to walk the Stations of the Cross. Each Station is beautifully depicted. No words are necessary, just look at the picture and meditate on each station. A small booklet is included. I am very happy with this rosary and it's big and easy to hold. Smooth and has weight.

Love My Stations of the Cross Rosary

Review: I am so glad I bought this Stations of the Cross rosary. The pictures are so beautiful and help with your meditation. Most importantly, my church skips over the prayers (Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be) that should be said with each station. It's the abbreviated version in today's fast world--no one has the time or patience any more unfortunately. So with this rosary, I can move through the stations by myself and take my time and really meditate on each one and say the required prayers too!

Amazing way to pray Stations

Review: A beautiful rosary, I found it very convenient to pray the stations with my 9 year old. I gave one to my 93 year old grandma as well, and she loves it too.

A very beautiful Rosary Chaplet

Review: I cannot express in words how beautiful this Rosary is in both content and meaning. My friend at church was so taken by seeing mine, that I helped her in securing her own from The Catholic Company. This is a wonderful addition to making our Lenten devotion more meaningful.

Stations of the Cross Rosary

Review: I am loving my Stations of the Cross Rosary beads I will use them every day as I say my Stations of the Cross Thank you

Stations of the Cross rosary

Review: This rosary bead is very well made and very unique. It is very nice to be able to visualize the stations in any environment and then to have the beads for the Our Father, Hail Mary, and the Glory Be present. I would recommend this product except for its price. It would be nice to have a more affordable price. Thank You.

stations rosary

Review: excellent. went on line to copy the prayers for each station. wonderful devotional.

Station Rosary

Review: I love the station rosary. I try to say it everyday at 3 p.m. It should be accompanied by instructions, as I had to go on line to find out how to use them. Some people do not have access to the internet

station of the cross rosary

Review: Fabulous and beautiful as well ad well made.

Stations of the Cross Rosary

Review: The only recommendation that I have is to include a readable card or document that has the prayers that are to be said. I made a copy of the promotional material that was e-mailed to me that had the explanation. I then created my own document that included that names for each of the Stations. The Stations of the Cross Rosary is a great way to say the Stations and reflect on them throughout the year.

Stations of the Cross Rosary

Review: I love the Rosary and the Stations. This Rosary gives me something tactile to hold as I pray and I find the weight to be just right to help me to stay focused on what I am praying.

Stations of the Cross Rosary

Review: I'm very happy with my purchase. I have a rosary collection and it is a beautiful addition but I use it too.

Olive wood Stations of the Cross Rosary

Review: A wonderful rosary with beautiful pictures.

Stations of the Cross wooden Rosary

Review: This is a wonderful way to pray the Stations of the Cross when you can't attend a service. The rosary is absolutely beautiful. If I could make a suggestion, it would be to add a prayer guide. However, there are many apps available on a smart phone to aid in prayer.

Never knew there was such a Rosary

Review: I LOVE this Rosary! I use it with Mary's Way of the Cross.
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