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T3 The Teen Timeline

T3 The Teen Timeline

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Product Description

If you're involved in Catholic education or youth ministry, you know the response you get when you say to teens, "We're going to study the Bible!" Eyes roll, and heavy sighs and yawns follow. So how do we slow down a technology obsessed, media-savvy generation long enough to re-introduce them to the written word, much less the word of God?

T3: The Teen Timeline is your answer! T3 is the foundational teen Bible study based on the popular Great Adventure Bible Timeline seminar created by Jeff Cavins. T3 unpacks God’s Word in a manner teens can relate to by showing them the “big picture” of salvation history,and it gives them an overview of Scripture—and then leads them deeper into its riches.

Presented by Mark Hart, a dynamic speaker who has his finger on the pulse of today’s Catholic teens. Mark Hart is a man on a mission: spreading the Gospel. A former teen, CORE member, and youth minister, Mark now proudly serves as Vice President of LIFE TEEN, overseeing Evangelization & Media. A graduate from the University of Notre Dame, and an author of three books, Mark's creative videos and written resources are known internationally. In his free time, Mark travels the globe leading conferences, retreats, missions, and trainings for teens and adults alike. He lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife and daughter.

Key Reasons Your Teens Need this Program:

  • Inspires teens with excitement to learn God's word
  • Makes Bible instruction easy with DVD's designed to be viewed by your teens
  • Creates multiple "entry points" for ongoing discussions with your young people
  • Teens relate to the fast-paced, relevant style of presentation.
  • Can be used in any teen catechetical setting: parochial school, youth ministry, or in the home

Available as: 4 DVD Set(Item #4003553) or 5 CD Set (Item #8001803) - 8 talks in total, each talk approximately 35 minutes. Teen Study Kit (Item #1011817) or Leader's Guide (Item #1011887). Each sold separately.

The T3 Study Kit includes everything a student needs to effectively complete this revolutionary Bible study. The kit includes a 60-page Student Workbook, a T3 Chart which outlines salvation history, a Fill-in Chart, and a Color-coded Bookmark. Click here to see sample pages.

The T3 Leader's Guide (112 pages) provides facilitators with suggested responses to the questions from the Study Pack, helpful Bible study tips, answers to the quizes, and supplementary material. Each lesson is designed to accompany the corresponding talk from the DVD or CD series. Click here to see sample pages.


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Dimensions & Specifications

  • Author: Mark Hart
  • Language: English

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Reviews - T3 The Teen Timeline

Average Customer Rating
(4.80/5 Stars, 5 Ratings) Based on 5 Reviews

Great stuff!

Review: Excellent material that relates well to the target audience, teens!! I believe many adults would benefit from studying this as well.

Great resource for teens and parents!

Review: We used this program along with a longer, more in-depth Bible History curriculum for our junior high school kids. We really enjoyed the humor and hip way of relating to kids. Best Uses: With in-depth Bible Study; Cons: Too fast-paced; Pros: Hip, Interesting, Orthodox

At long last a great Bible Study

Review: I used the Bible Study for 14 through 17 year olds in a weekly High School Religion Class. They loved it. The pace is very quick, but appropriate for teens. I will probably use it again next year, since I can watch over and over and learn something new every time. I am so thankful that there are such great Catholic resources available for High School Religion classes. I have been teaching for 12 years and have been very disappointed in the quality of the materials available for Catholic teens. Finally, T3 came along. Highly recommend. You will never find anything better or more relevant to teach Catholic High School students. I know because I have been looking for 12 years. Great job!

Is a great way for teens to learn

Review: Have help our teens to understand the Bible and learn to used and read it. We are planning a mini-retreat for teens and use it as the topic of it. Most important is at their level and speak their "language"...........

This is not just for Teens anymore

Review: My class has 40 students. The average age 65-70. They especailly loved Mark's humor and ease is speaking. They loved the easy to understand presentation. The workbook is excellent and it keeps them looking for answers during the presentation. They also appreciated the review at the end of each presentation. We always did it together--not as a quiz. There are no negative comments to this program. This is the fourth time I have taught this class. Three times in Western New York and once in Florida--all we equally successful. Just a reminder that people from 55 and older grew up at a time when Bible reading in the Catholic Church was not promoted. We relied on our priests to interpret the Bible for us. So this is new for many of them.
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