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The Ten Commandments (CDs)

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Are the Biblical commandments really divinely given laws? Is it possible that they are actually arbitrary restrictions that hinder human freedom, or merely moral "signposts" and not to be taken literally? How relevant are the 10 commandments?

Fruitful Meditations and Practical Applications

In the inspiring and thought-provoking new series, The Ten Commandments, renowned author, psychologist and Franciscan priest, Fr. Benedict Groeschel explores the Decalogue with great sensitivity and insight. Originally broadcast in twelve episodes on Mother Angelica's EWTN, and available now on six CDs, this thoughtful presentation is not an attempt at an exhaustive analysis of the commandments, but rather a series of fruitful meditations and practical applications of the 10 Commandments to your life today.

Politically Incorrect

As you listen, you'll discover why all who take morality seriously must believe in objective moral norms. Father reveals how the moral law is written on the human heart and how, although they may no longer be "politically correct", the Ten Commandments form the moral foundation of the great world religions and western civilization itself. A renowned retreat master, Fr. Groeschel has the ability to be compassionate without compromising the truth. Prepare to be called to a profound examination of conscience as he grapples with the tough moral issues facing our society and takes a no-holds-barred account of the state of the American soul. You'll gain new appreciation of the depth and scope of a seemingly simple divine directive like, "Honor thy father and thy mother" when seen in terms of the decimation of marriage, family life and the holocaust of abortion.

Divinely Given Key

    One after another, Fr. Benedict dispels the many myths and misconceptions of morality promoted by modern psychology, the media, the universities and, sadly, even religious leaders. Also, you'll want to have your Bible in hand as Father explores the teachings of both the Old and New Testaments, especially how Our Lord Himself supports, validates and requires the observance of the Ten Commandments.
Order The Ten Commandments today and gain a greater appreciation of the relevance of this crucial, objective moral standard and rediscover how these ten divinely given laws, too often dismissed as impossible for human frailty to sustain, truly hold the key to bringing the civilization of love to the land that God has given us.


  • Why "Nice" people go along with atrocities
  • How western civilization has politely forgotten right from wrong
  • Why it's not enough simply to "go to church"
  • How psychologists have undermined the moral foundations of 90% of college undergraduates
  • Why superstition has always been a problem of religion
  • How the idea of truth is lost in America today
  • Why we all need "a day off"
  • What Christian chastity really means
  • Why the family is called the domestic church
  • How Pope JPII is the apostle of truth in the world today
  • Why young people today are desperately looking for something to believe in.

    Available as 6 CD's.

Author: Fr. Benedict Groeschel
Language: English

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