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The Three Marks of Manhood - How to be Priest, Prophet, and King of Your Family

The Three Marks of Manhood - How to be Priest, Prophet, and King of Your Family

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Author G.C. Dilsaver writes that the time has come for Catholic families to re-discover true patriarchy - time for Catholic men to accept and fulfill their role as leader and head of their families. The role of Christian manhood, as ordained by God and confirmed by Catholic teaching, is symbolized by three staffs: the Scepter of authority and self -discipline, the Crosier of spiritual stewardship, and the Cross of redemptive suffering. Christian husbands and fathers are called by God to a familial headship which is not one of old and obsolete dominance over wife and children which rose out of pagan notions of male superiority. Dilsaver promotes a new and untainted patriarchy in which the husband's ultimate authority is rooted in Christ's example of humility and self sacrificing love.

The Three Marks of Manhood can help Christian families realize their identity to the fullest - empowering them to resist the encroachment of secular culture. Read it and learn how to build a strong and lasting marriage, raise children to become faithful men and women of God, and foster an authentic Catholic culture within your home.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • ISBN: 9780895559043
  • Author: G.C. Dilsaver
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 192
  • Language: English

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Reviews - The Three Marks of Manhood - How to be Priest, Prophet, and King of Your Family

Average Customer Rating
(3.00/5 Stars, 2 Ratings) Based on 2 Reviews

Absolutely Magnificent, Instructional and Edifying!!!

Review: I'm a 32 year old wife and mother of four children. I purchased this book for my husband. After he read it, I decided to read it, out of curiosity. This book took my breath away. I had never encountered such a beautiful and holy rendition of what the role of a male is in our society and especially in the family. I was absolutely floored by the mirror imaging of the role proposed by G.C. Dilsaver (by Christ and the apostles, really) and Our Lord Christ Jesus. This is a rude awakening to the men of our time and a life saver to society. As a woman, I found myself say "yes, absolutely, Oh I hope many men read this and do it". I found myself falling in love with Our Lord Jesus Christ and the role of man and being so thankful to G.C. Dilsaver for taking the time to write a book on a topic so demonized, attacked, misunderstood and definitely misrepresented by those who may not even take the time to finish reading the book before condemning it. As a woman, my freedom is greatly helped by men taking on the described duty in this book. Two thumbs up!

I do not recommend this book

Review: I was looking foward to learning the Church's take on a man's role in the family. However, on the first page, the book stressed that women should be kept cloistered either in a convent or in the home. I was shocked, put the book down and ultimately decided to return it. How disappointing. Best Uses: Not worth the read; Cons: Urges women's opression; Pros: I can't think of any pros
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