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The Ultimate Challenge - A Catholic/Protestant Debate CD

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Are Catholics biblical "Fundamentalists" when it comes to the Eucharist? Does Protestantism ignore the biblical teaching that the Church is the "pillar and foundation" of the truth? Is the splintering of Christianity into thousands of denominations God's will for different perspectives - or history's greatest tragedy? What do you call it when Catholic and Protestant scholars square off on explosive issues like these? We call it The Ultimate Challenge!

Exciting Dialogue

Now on three digitally re-mastered videos, The Ultimate Challenge: A Catholic/Protestant Debate documents an exciting series of dialogues between well-known Catholic and Protestant scholars held at Southern Methodist University. This captivating presentation features three popular Catholic scholars and an equal number of esteemed Protestant experts exploring three critical areas of divergence among today's Christians.

How Do You Spell "Belief"?

Calling for everyone present to recommit themselves to Christ in a sincere quest for truth, this opening conference presents popular theologian and best selling author Scott Hahn at his personal best - standing up for the truth in the spirit of love that is the very heart of John Paul II's "New Evangelization". Many agree that this presentation alone is worth the price of the whole set!

Faith Alone or Faith and Works?

In the first intense dialogue, Dr. Hahn and Professor Robert Bowman, Jr. face-off on the important topic of Justification. As these theological titans contend for the faith, you'll uncover the Catholic and Protestant understanding of the process of salvation and determine if faith and works are a complete contradiction or a complementary certainty in the biblical witness of Paul and James.

Bible Alone or Bible and Tradition?

Next up, scripture scholar and host of TV's EWTN Live Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ and Professor Kenneth Samples tackle the thorny issue of authority in the church. Perhaps the major cause of division between Protestants and Catholics, you'll find out if the question of authority can truly be boiled down to "the Bible alone" vs. "the Church alone"-or if it's really something more?

Mere Symbol or Real Presence?

You'll find real food for thought (and for the soul) as psychologist, author and spiritual director Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR and Dr. George Logan present the biblical and historical evidence for and against the classic doctrine of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Prepare to be inspired and challenged as the theology of the Reformation meets head-on with the unanimous witness of the Early Church Fathers. 

Order now and discover how it is possible to speak the truth in love, while defending the faith according to the mind of the Church, as you face The Ultimate Challenge!  Eight CD set.


  • What is the surprising context of the one biblical appearance of the words "faith alone"?
  • Can you reject Papal infallibility and still believe the Church's infallible testimony about Christ found in the Scriptures?
  • Why is the concept of "mystery" critical to a true understanding of the Eucharist?
  • Why do "Bible Christians" ignore the biblical teaching that the Church is the "pillar and foundation" of the truth?
  • Last Supper: Body of Christ living, crucified or glorified?
  • Do Catholics put the Church above the Word of God?
  • Paul vs. James on "works":Do they contradict or compliment?
  • Is the Catholic understanding of John 6 a "Fundamentalist" interpretation?
  • And much more!


Author: Fr. Benedict Groschel, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, and Scott Hahn
Language: English
Topic: Evangelization
Format: CD

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Reviews - The Ultimate Challenge - A Catholic/Protestant Debate CD

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Substantive and Catholic!

Review: The debates are very well produced, aside from the times they use one shot of the speaker. I'd like to see more crowd shots, shots of the stage, and shots of the entire auditorium. The debate needs more time with question/answers, especially from the crowd (which had none). But aside from these little marks I would highly recommend this to inform the Protestant of the true teachings of Catholicism as well as to Catholics who want to strengthen their arguments. The talk by Scott Hahn in the beginning is awe-inspiring!
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