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Why Bad Things Happen to Good Catholics

Why Bad Things Happen to Good Catholics

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Why Bad Things Happen to Good Catholics
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Product Description

  • Why Bad Things Happen to Good Catholics: And Other Mysteries of God's Love and Providence - Explained!
  • How to see God’s loving hand in everything you’re going through
  • Recognizing that God needs you
  • How God draws goodness out of the worst tragedies
  • How to forever set aside your worries about the future!


Here are straightforward and faithfully Catholic answers to questions that have vexed souls and troubled believers for centuries: if God is all good, why does He allow evil? Why do even those who devote their lives to pleasing Him meet with setbacks and disasters?

Why Bad Things Happen to Good Catholics will banish from your mind forever the temptation to think that events unfold according to blind chance — or even that evil ultimately triumphs in this world. The author, Fr. Henri Morice, helps you see the bad things that happen to you in the glorious light of God’s loving Providence. He dispels some of the mystery surrounding human suffering to reveal how God draws goodness — for your own soul and for the souls of others — out of even the worst tragedies you suffer.

You’ll discover here how to recognize God’s love working in all the events of your life, day by day, moment by moment. Fr. Morice also helps you recognize how (believe it or not) God actually needs you in His plan for the world, and how He speaks to you daily in subtle ways. He instructs you in how you should respond to God’s call in your daily life, and how trust in God’s Providence will bring you peace more lasting than any worldly satisfaction.

This remarkable guide even shows you how to set aside — forever! — worry about the future, how to deal with misfortune, and how to develop full and lasting confidence in God. Why Bad Things Happen to Good Catholics will charge you with renewed gratitude for the God who loves you more than you have ever imagined!

Dimensions & Specifications

  • ISBN: 9781928832423
  • Format: Softcover
  • Author: Father Henri Morice
  • Pages: 176
  • Language: English

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This item has not been rated.
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