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Wooden Irish Celtic High Cross

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Product Description

  • Celtic High Cross
  • A relic of Irish Christianity
  • Intricately carved wood
  • Features Trinity Knots
  • Standing cross
  • Imported from Ireland


This wooden Celtic high cross is skillfully carved by Irish craftsmen and  imported from Ireland.  This decorative Irish cross would made a stunning addition to your home decor as well as a constant reminder of the Christian faith and its long history.  High Crosses are found throughout Ireland and Scotland on old monastic sites. The earliest High Crosses were made from wood or metal, but the great stone monuments seen today date from the 9th century.  Carved into each end of the Celtic Cross, as well as onto the front of the base, are Trinity Knots.  The Trinity Knot is a single continuous line that is a single shape yet has three distinct ends; this was the Celtic symbol that the Christian monks used to represent the eternal, three in one nature of the Holy Trinity. This wooden Irish high cross features a strut at the back for standing display on desks, counters, and tables.


Dimensions & Specifications

  • 25cm (H) x 20cm (W)
  • Comes with gift box


Country of Origin: Ireland

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