10 Things Pope Francis Wants You to Know

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John L. Allen, Jr.
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  • 10 Things Pope Francis Wants You To Know
  • Inspiration for always remaining optimistic
  • This booklet will help you establish a relationship with Pope Francis and what he holds dear!
  • Simple, yet profound thoughts 

Since his election, Pope Francis has captured the attention of media and the people. Transfixed by his charisma and the many firsts of his papacy – first pope from the Americas, first Jesuit Pope, and first to be named Francis – they are now eager to know the substance of the man. In 10 Things Pope Francis Wants You to Know, John L. Allen, Jr., veteran Vatican news analyst, author, and National Catholic Reporter Senior Correspondent, writes with intimacy and clarity, from the perspective of his decades of experience covering the papacy.

Discover the qualities that have defined Pope Francis from his days as a Cardinal and the early days of his papacy. Using the most recent, as well as archived, interviews with Pope Francis and those who know him, Allen describes his vision of leadership and evangelism and his desire for the Church to be close to the people, especially the poor.

Allen describes several more teachings and insights from Pope Francis, such as: Never give up on God’s mercy, always remain optimistic, create unity, and even keep a sense of humor. After reading this, you will know your new Pope and feel your faith renewed.

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  • 5 Mar 25th 2014
    What's His Secrets??

    I love this little pamphlet & have bought many to give to my Religious Priests, Brothers, Nuns, Family, & Friends who have loved them ,too!!

    Shelley Rohrig

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