2 Gift Set - A Family Guide to Spiritual Warfare & St. Benedict Tenner Rosary

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  • A Family Guide to Spiritual Warfare book
  • Clean up your household by cultivating in your family a civilization of love
  • St. Benedict Tenner Rosary
  • Made of simple, sturdy paracord and wood beads, a memorable gift for men of all ages

A Family Guide to Spiritual Warfare

Demons wage war against families because families are vital to God’s plan of salvation. This stark reality requires that your family members become well-trained spiritual warriors who actively secure your home and fight to keep it off-limits to demonic activity.

In A Family Guide to Spiritual Warfare, Kathleen Beckman offers you potent advice from her 12 years of active participation on an exorcist’s team. She shows you how to “clean up” your household by cultivating in your family a civilization of love — and how to withstand the spiritual attacks that inevitably come to destroy the harmonious family life you create.

Beckman reveals how you can recognize diabolical disguises in your home and offers proven means of protection found only in the Church’s arsenal of spiritual weapons. 

You’ll also learn the devil’s strategies — how he does not necessarily seek to possess but simply to seed your family with the venom of hatred, desolation, envy, and vice. This, she explains, is why it’s so important for spouses and children to become schooled in the art of spiritual combat. It’s the only way you can destroy the works of the devil and unmask the hidden evil that weaves in and out of your daily family life.

Along with more than two dozen effective prayers for family healing and deliverance, you’ll also learn:

  • How to understand the spirits working for — and against — your family, and what to do in response to them

  • What specific actions to take if you believe your family has come under the influence of demonic activity

  • How to use your baptismal, spousal, and parental authority in spiritual warfare

  • How curses can become effective — and what can be done to counteract them

  • The difference between diabolical temptation, oppression, obsession, and possession

  • The seven ways your family can wear the full armor of God

  • The diabolical counterparts to each of the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes

  • The 13 weapons you can use to defend yourself and your family against evil spirits


St. Benedict Tenner Rosary

A masculine design for daily prayer, the St. Benedict "tenner" uses a linear, strand model instead of the traditional one-decade bracelet. The sturdy, charcoal paracord and black wood beads add to the rugged feel of the piece. Slips easily into a coat or pants pocket. This Catholic Company exclusive rosary makes a memorable gift for men of all ages.


Dimensions and Specifications

A Family Guide to Spiritual Warfare

  • Author: Kathleen Beckman
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 336

St. Benedict Tenner Rosary

  • Charcoal gray paracord
  • Black wood beads- 10mm
  • St. Benedict crucifix- 1.5" (H) - made in Italy
  • St. Benedict medal- 1" (H)
  • Approx. 9" (L)

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2 Gift Set - A Family Guide to Spiritual Warfare & St. Benedict Tenner Rosary