3 Piece Chrismal Set - For Catholic Sacraments

Alviti Creations
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  • Glass Chrismal Set
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Set of 3 Sizeable Oil Stock Bottles with Lid-like Stoppers
  • Holds sacred chrism oils

This set of 3 sizeable oil stock bottles hold the sacred chrism oils. Each bottle is subtly etched/engraved with OI/SC/OS and a cross and comes with lid-like glass stopper. The meaning behind the oils is OC stands for Oleum Catechumenorum and is the Oil of Catechumens, OI stands for Oleum Infirmorum and is the Oil of the Infirm, and finally, SC is Sacrum Chrisma which is the oil that will be used in the administration of the sacraments.

  • Oil Stock Bottles measure 10.75 inches tall and hold 40 oz. each
  • Made in USA

3 Piece Chrismal Set - For Catholic Sacraments