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About The Catholic Company

The Catholic Company is the leading online Catholic books and gifts store. You’ll find everything you need to dive deeper into the Catholic faith, including a wide selection of Catholic bibles, music, rosaries, new roman missal, statues and more. Getting ready to prepare for a sacred Christmas and Advent season? Browse the advent wreaths, Christmas cards, Kneeling Santas and nativities we have available. Celebrating a Sacrament with your loved ones? Find the perfect gift to cherish the moment. We offer a variety of ideas for First Communion gifts, Confirmation gifts, Catholic Wedding gifts and Baptism gifts. Enjoy the spiritual growth in you and others around you!

Missionaries Of The Poor

Support the quest to share God's love and spread the Catholic Faith among the world's least fortunate.

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Why People Continue To Trust The Catholic Company

Based on 5,521 reviews
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2 weeks ago
Always happy with merchandise and…
Always happy with merchandise and service (mailings). Enjoy shopping here at the Catholic Company!
2 weeks ago
Great products
Great products, great service!! None better!!!
2 weeks ago
God Bless the Work!
I am very challenged by School of Prayer. I love the length and depth of each day's segment. I like the ' reading bit' as I can take it at my own pace, rereading as appropriate. Then the video represents the material in a personal one to one way. Finally, the thoughts to ponder help me to reflect on how I might put into practice what I have learned. Each evening I recite the Rosary with the audio. I am learning (oh so slowly) how to pray the Rosary. My only difficulty is that I cannot join the discussion as I am not o Facebook. I wonder if there is another way of creating a discussion forum? I will return to this retreat again and again as it is so full of potential for me. Thank you to all concerned in its production. God bless the work!
Anne Marie Hennigan
2 weeks ago
Prices are a bit high but content and…
Prices are a bit high but content and quality are top notch!
Fran Sturm
2 weeks ago
Item was on backorder
Since I wasn't where I could check my emails - I called the company. Part of my order had come in, but I was missing one item. I did not have my order number or invoice number, but the individual I spoke with was able to look up my order, and explained that the one item is on back order, and would be shipped as soon as it came in. She was so helpful and made me feel so much better about the order. I really enjoy working with this company.
3 weeks ago
I am very pleased with the customer…
I am very pleased with the customer service ?? The products are sacramentals that I would enjoy But I shop for gifts so my pleasure is in the gifting????However, I do believe that come September 8th, My Birthdate (as it is The BV Mother’s birthday also,) I may order HER something I can use????????
3 weeks ago
Thank you for being all Catholic and…
Thank you for being all Catholic and bringing quality products to me.
K. Hernandez
3 weeks ago
Great selection of products & speedy shipping
So much to choose from and items arrive quickly. I will definitely be buying from this site again.
3 weeks ago
pleasant experience…
have always had a pleasant experience when ordering from The Catholic Company...have been very satisfied with my purchases
Frances Ables
3 weeks ago
Great company!
Great company! Great materials!
Charles White
3 weeks ago
I love their books, and other items I have ordered. Their customer service is tops!
3 weeks ago
I love this web site and the products…
I love this web site and the products they offer are fantastic!
Anna Marie Evans
3 weeks ago
Always quick deliveries and correct…
Always quick deliveries and correct items sent. The quality of products is outstanding
Cindy Alvey
3 weeks ago
Fast delivery
Fast delivery, great quality and customer service!
Esperanza Peters
3 weeks ago
Love the Catholic Company!
This is a great company. It offers a wonderful selection of products at great prices. Also, their help staff are friendly and helpful. Thank you, Catholic Company!!
Gail Gawlik

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