100+ Confirmation Activities, Games, Projects & Puzzles

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  • 100+ Confirmation Activities, Games, Projects & Puzzles
  • Author: Catechist Resources
  • Ideas to help students prepare for Confirmation

Looking for ideas to help your students prepare for Confirmation? This book containers icebreakers, discussion starters, inspirational quotes, review games, activities, (almost) instant service projects, regular service projects, and reproducible pages (self-assessment activity sheets, puzzles, and learning cards). There are countless ways to use the materials and ideas in this book. Your students will experience meaningful and challenging ways to explore what they are learning and integrate it into their daily lives!

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  • 8½ x 11 inches
  • 75 page

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  • 5 Feb 6th 2019
    Loving It!

    I'm already using this book for my confirmation class, I love the new ideas to help keep the class interested. And, I look forward to implementing some of the community service projects awesome ideas!

    JoAnn Velasquez

  • 5 Nov 15th 2018
    100+ Confirmation Activities, games, projects and puzzles

    This is a wonderful book! I am sharing it with my catechists. I will be using it for retreats, parent sessions, etc.


  • 4 Mar 11th 2015
    Great DRE Gift

    Gave this as a "Confirmation" gift to our parish's director of religious education (DRE). He did a great job preparing our candidates and know they are always digging into their pockets for things for next year's class. He said he can't wait to use it to engage next year's students!


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