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First Holy Communion Gift Guide for Girls

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Spring is the time of year when parents across the country are preparing their children to receive their First Communion, the next big step in their walk with Jesus and His Church.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is the pinnacle of our sacramental life where children receive for the very first time the body, blood, soul, and divinity of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Through the Holy Eucharist, the "Blessed Sacrament," Jesus comes to dwell their hearts in the most real and personal way imaginable.


It is a very special day indeed, and one worthy of celebration!

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To make the day a memorable one, it's traditional to have family and friends gather for a celebration following Mass where memorable gifts and keepsakes are given to First Communicants, and often Godparents receive tokens of the special day as well.

If you're stumped about what kinds of gifts are appropriate to celebrate such a meaningful Sacrament, here's a list of Catholic gift ideas for your beautiful daughter, granddaughter, niece, goddaughter, sister, cousin, or friend on her First Communion day.

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First Holy Communion Gift Guide for Girls

First Communion Crosses

The cross is the sign of the Christian, which makes crosses and crucifixes an excellent choice. They come in a variety of styles and sizes—from traditional to special designs made just for First Communion—and many can also be personalized with a name and First Communion date.

First Communion Crosses & Crucifixes

First Communion Bibles and Books

Every girl needs her own children's Bible, and a special First Communion Bible can become a special keepsake to be handed down to her own children and grandchildren one day.  Many of our children's Bibles can also be personalized for a special touch.  You can also opt for a children's Missal which teaches kids about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on their own level, as well as other books that nurture children in the Catholic faith and the Sacraments.

First Communion Bibles and Books

First Communion Rosaries

Just like crucifixes and bibles, rosaries can also become lifetime keepsake gifts for First Communion. It is never too early to introduce a young woman to the powerful intercession of the Blessed Mother through the most encouraged devotional prayer of the Church—the holy rosary.

First Communion Rosaries

First Communion Photo Frames

You definitely want to display the best photo of your First Communicant on her special day, and a specially designed First Communion photo frame is the ideal way to do that.  The bonus of First Communion frames is that they also make great gifts for grandparents and godparents. Don't forget the important role that these special people play in the spiritual life of a young child.

First Communion Personalized Photo Frames

First Communion Photo Frames

First Communion Jewelry

Every little girl will feel a bit like a princess with First Communion jewelry, usually necklaces and bracelets, to accompany her beautiful dress and veil. First Communion jewelry for girls often features pearls and pink beads, crosses, and medals. There are lots of jewelry options that you can personalize with a name and/or date to memorialize the day. Don't forget to have it blessed!

First Commmunion necklaces and jewelry

First Communion Jewelry & Medals

Miscellaneous Gift Ideas

There are lots of other great gift choices for little girls on their First Communion day.  These range from rosaries to faith-based stuffed animals, from candles to musical figurines. These miscellaneous gifts are the best bet if you're sure that your First Communicant will receive many of the gifts already mentioned from other family or friends.

First Communion Gifts

First Communion Gifts

First Communion Gift Books

First Commuion Figurines

We hope these ideas have inspired to you find just the right First Communion gift for the special young girl in your life!

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