A Modern Martyr: St. Theophane Venard - An Inspiration for St. Therese & Many Others

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  • He is the one who has best lived my way of spiritual childhood." -St. Therese of Lisieux
  • Missionary martyred in Vietnam
  • Inspirational story of his life and death
  • Incredible tale of  love, faith, and courage
  • Great gift for those who enjoy the stories of the saints


"I like Theophane Venard even more than Saint Louis de Gonzaga, because the life of Saint Louis de Gonzaga was extraordinary, and Theophane Venard's was quite soul is like his. He is the one who has best lived my way of spiritual childhood." -St. Therese of Lisieux


Theophane Venard's example, particularly his way of accepting his martyrdom, was a valuable aid to Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, especially his words before martyrdom: "I do not rely on my own strength, but on the strength of Him who defeated the power of Hell and of the world through the Cross."


Theophane Venard was eminently a tender and dutiful son; a most devoted and loving brother; an equally devoted and attached friend. Neither did he consider these warm affections incompatible with the great work to which he had given his life. His devotion to his sister, whom he calls a part of his very life, shines through every page of this touching and beautiful correspondence. She is the first thought of his boyish years, she is his last thought in death.  Yet all this strong human love did not prevent his sacrificing everything to God leaving the home he loved so fondly, the sister he idolized, the family tie which bound him with what others might have considered iron links. Everything, in fact, which made life dear. When the voice of the Master called him to go forth from his people and his country into a strange and distant land, to preach His word and do His work, and save the souls for whom He had died upon the Cross, St. Theophane went willingly and lovingly to his own martyrdom. 


This is the striking characteristic of the life before human love, surpassing all ordinary home affections, willingly and joyfully offered up on the altar of Our Lord for the salvation of the heathen who knew Him not.   One cannot have too wide an acquaintance with noble Christian characters. In this age of ease, and of endless scientific discussion, of church-building, and of money-collecting, we need at times for our souls' sake to look to the example of the saints and heroes of God who are on the sterner side of life. Few biographies are better suited to remind us sweetly and forcibly of higher things than the volume presented to the public under the title, A Modern Martyr. Modern, indeed, for it is within the lifetime of many of us that Theophane Venard, a young priest of only thirty-two years, went smiling and singing to a martyr's death. Priest and layman, old and young, will find in this book much to delight the mind and to lift up the heart. - From the Catholic University Bulletin

  • Author: St. Theophane Venard
  • Edited by Angelus Press
  • 186 pages
  • Softcover

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