Angel in the Waters

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Regina Doman
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  • Angel in the Waters
  • Author: Regina Doman
  • A delightful first story of every child in its mother’s womb, and their journey from conception to birth

Since its first release in 2004, Angel in the Waters has been a best-selling, life-transforming children’s book. It has been carried in countless hospital gift shops, pro-life centers, and Catholic book stores.  In just ten years, over 130,000 copies have been sold, and that is only the beginning.  

The 10th Anniversary, hardback Angel in the Waters is a simple, non-confrontational book that makes young children decidedly pro-life long before they ever hear the word “abortion.”

This special hard back book tells a special story. It’s the first story of every child of God: In its mother’s womb, a tiny baby grows, explores the waters, and talks with the angel who is there.

With gentle illustrations and wise words, author Regina Doman tells the story of that baby and the angel in the waters . . . a story that will delight all young children, because the journey from conception to birth is their story, too.

It has convinced many mothers who are contemplating abortion to keep their babies. And it has helped siblings love new babies.

Hardcover 19th Anniversary Edition

  • ISBN: 9781622822089
  • 8 x 7 inches

Softcover Original

  • ISBN: 9781928832812
  • 7 x 7 inches

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  • 5 Sep 24th 2018
    Fantastic book!

    Both my son (age 2.5), my daughter (age 6.5), and myself all found this book full of wonder. It is now my sons favorite book and he's been having me read it to him every night. He is fascinated with babies in mommies and this was awesome for him to picture what all goes on in there and I think it also helped him better understand who his guardian angel is. I bought this with the book Before I Was Me, and both kids love to read them together. Truly fantastic book!


  • 5 May 11th 2018
    Angel in the Waters book

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book myself. It's a sweet book about a baby growing in its mother's womb with its angel beside him. It's a beautiful story for a small child to understand.


  • 5 May 4th 2016
    Angel in the Waters

    This book is beautiful! It would be a perfect gift for a baby shower, baby gift or for Baptism.

    JoAnn Nash

  • 5 Nov 1st 2015
    Great Older Sibling Book

    I love this book for illustrating to my two-year old what's happening inside of mommy. I think it's a little over her head, but I don't mind that. It would be most ideal for ages 3-8, and I can definitely envision some of my fifth and sixth grade students reading this to their younger siblings. My little girl loves to point to the pictures and tell me when the baby's heart is beating, where the angel is, when the baby is swimming, when the baby cries, etc.


  • 5 Apr 2nd 2015
    Angel in the Waters book by Regina Doman

    I was so excited to get this for my son & daughter-in-law who are expecting this month. It's a beautiful hard back book & book cover. It's a simple story of a baby growing inside a mother & the sounds outside the mother & more. We refer to the angel as it's Guardian Angel. It's nice to read to the baby before & after birth, & to all young children! I plan to order on to keep, an expecting niece with 3 young kids. Great baby shower gift!

    Denise Kapfhammer

  • 5 Mar 31st 2015
    Angel in the Waters

    Awesome book. I've already bought 5 copies. I have already given one to my daughter and she isn't even expecting yet! I have nieces and nephews that I plan to give the books to for their future children. Delightful!

    Deborah Strobel

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