The Apologetics Of St. Thomas Aquinas (CDs)

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Mark McNeil
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Most Apologetics answer particular objections to the Faith, but to really understand and defend your Faith, you must first understand - and be able to explain - the basic principles of Catholic theology. More than any other theologian, St. Thomas Aquinas can guide you to this wisdom. Proclaimed the Universal Doctor of the Church, St. Thomas starts from the ground up giving you an entire system of Catholic thought that will instantly enable you to answer anyone -- Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or even Pagans!

How to Crack the Apologetics of the Summa

If you have ever opened St. Thomas' great work, the Summa Theologica, you probably felt like you were reading a foreign language. Maybe you gave up before you even began! Now in The Apologetics of St. Thomas Aquinas, Mark McNeil gives you the essential tools to understand St. Thomas' thought. You will quickly learn the meaning of all the important terms St. Thomas uses and his basic methods of thinking, all in a fast-paced presentation that makes learning easy with funny and interesting, real-life examples like parenting and even working on your car! You'll discover that St. Thomas was so secure in the truth, that he was always fair, charitable and even friendly when answering his challengers. Mark will show you how to defend the faith by beginning like St. Thomas "with what you can agree on." So if you are debating a Protestant, you will learn to begin with the Bible. If you're talking to a Jew you'll begin with the Old Testament. If you're debating a Muslim you'll begin with the truth that there is one God who reveals Himself.

Grow in the Virtues of a True Apologist Mark relates that in a vision near the end of his life, St. Thomas saw that in comparison to the majesty of God, his work was "only straw" and from that time until his death he wrote no more. On receiving Christ in the Eucharist for the last time he said, "I wish to receive thee price of my redemption, Viaticum of my pilgrimage, for love of whom I have fasted, prayed, taught and labored. Never have I said anything against thee. If I have, it was in ignorance, and I do not persist in my ignorance. I leave the correction of my work to the Holy Catholic Church, and in that obedience I pass from this life." Also, perhaps most importantly, you'll learn the true secrets of virtue behind being a great apologist. Because as Mark reveals, although he may have been the greatest mind the Church has ever known, St. Thomas was a model of humility - a virtue which all apologists must cultivate in order to convert souls.

Armed with the principles taught by Mark McNeil in The Apologetics of St. Thomas - beginning with the existence and the attributes of God and covering virtually every aspect of Catholic doctrine - you'll be able to quickly pinpoint what is true and false in any position you face. Order your set of tapes or CDs today and be enlightened by St. Thomas Aquinas' apologetics and inspired by his virtues!

In This Series You’ll Learn:

  • St. Thomas' secret help in understanding and defending the Faith
  • The basic concepts necessary to understand St. Thomas
  • St. Thomas' apologetics for defending the Faith from Muslim errors
  • How to avoid the principle error of Modern philosophy
  • How to prove God's existence by natural reason alone!
  • How to defend the truth about all creation, especially human nature, supernatural revelation, and the nature of the Church.
  • How a true understanding of the merits of a false position can help you to defend the truth
  • How to answer the two basic ancient errors about the nature of change
  • The connection between Aristotle and St. Thomas
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    • 5 Mar 25th 2015
      Well simplified abridged lecture.

      Each part of the disc is clearly laid out as to what topics are going to be addressed. It starts with St. Thomas Aquinas's background and transitions extremely well. Over its course, it goes from the basics of reason and faith in relation to other branches of Christianity, and even non-believers, into going into the Catholic Church itself as God's Church.

      Alexander Wrinkle

    • 5 Mar 6th 2011
      I am enjoying it very much

      Lisen to it in the truck Best Uses: Education; Describe Yourself: Audiophile, Avid Reader; Pros: Classic, Engaging, Entertaining


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