Aquinas’s Lenten Meditations & Gift Boxed Crown of Thorns 6" (Gift Set)

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  • Powerful Lenten gift set
  • Gift Boxed Crown of Thorns
  • Visual reminder of the Passion of Christ
  • Aquinas's Lenten Meditations: 40 days with the Angelic Doctor
  • Daily meditations on how to detach from this world and focus on eternity
Enter more fully into the season of Lent this year with this compelling set of Aquinas's Lenten Meditations and a 6" replica of the crown of thorns. Place the crown of thorns in a prominent place in your home or in your prayer corner as a reminder of Christ's Passion as you read the powerful Lenten meditations.

Aquinas’s Lenten Meditations: 40 days with the Angelic Doctor

There’s a multitude of Lenten meditation books but only one that’s packed with the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas. Journey through Lent with the Church’s greatest philosopher-theologian. This unrivaled spiritual master will guide you in encountering Our Lord and experiencing the type of fruitful Lent that he often experienced.

You will relish this magnificent treasury of sixty-three of Aquinas’s Scripture-based sermons specially selected for the holy season. From Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, you’ll learn how to deepen your prayer life, conquer temptation, resist the evils incurred by sin, and equip yourself for spiritual battle.

In the straightforward, logical language for which he is famous, Aquinas shows you how to detach yourself from the things of this world and refocus on the things above, reflecting on Our Lord and Our Lady as models.

You will learn the importance of fasting to the preservation of chastity and how to perform acts that will increase your humility and purity. As you contemplate the example of Our Lord on the Cross, Aquinas will help you weed out vices and cultivate virtues to prepare for the joys of Heaven.

Let the Angelic Doctor assist you in overcoming idleness and fostering a deeper devotion with stirring reflections on:

  • Ways in which the Blood of Jesus is precious and salvific
  • The confidence we should place in Our Divine Friend, even in sickness, suffering, and pain
  • How Our Lady suffered and how she personifies charity, patience, humility, obedience, and detachment
  • Why the pain suffered by Our Lord was the greatest pain possible in this life
  • Jesus’ fourfold humiliation on the Cross - and the fourfold exaltation it merited Him
  • How Christ manifested all virtues on the Cross, the "pulpit from which He taught all mankind"

Also included are forgotten or little-known traditional feast days, such as the feast of the Holy Lance and the Nails of Our Lord and the feast of the Holy Winding Sheet.

You will find rich meditations on Christ’s Passion and reflections for each day of Holy Week. Best of all, you will discover the greatest love story of all time: the Father who offered His only Son, and the Son who underwent every suffering and sacrificed His life for our redemption.

Gift Boxed Crown of Thorns 6"

Crafted to resemble the crown placed upon our Lord, this real crown of thorns embodies sacrifice, suffering, and our offering to God Almighty.  Displayed during Lent as a reminder to offer special devotional prayers and personal sacrifices, this crown can help us unite more fully with the wounds of Christ.  It has a strong visual presence when used as an instructional tool for classrooms and faith formation groups.  The crown draws us in as we reflect on our lives and God's salvific plan.  Includes a double-sided card featuring Matthew 27:29 and John 3:16. 

Dimensions and Specifications

Aquinas’s Lenten Meditations: 40 days with the Angelic Doctor
  • Author: Thomas Aquinas
  • 224 Pages
  • Format: Paperback
Gift Boxed Crown of Thorns 6"
  • 6" crown of thorns
  • Boxed for presentation
  • Not intended for children
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