Basics of Catholic Living

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  • Basics of Catholic Living
  • Jumpstart your spiritual journey
  • Implement the same habits that have been practiced by every saint
  • A wonderful collection for any personal library

There are a handful of simple habits that have been practiced by every saint. Although holiness may seem out of reach, the easiest way to jumpstart your spiritual journey is to begin implementing these habits in your own life today.

In the spiritual life, if you learn to practice the basics well, God will fill you with the graces you need to persevere. That's why we've compiled this simple but powerful set of books in our Basics of Catholic Living Set. This is essential reading for any library. Indeed, you'll find yourself returning to these books time and time again.

Written by some of the Church's greatest saints and theologians, these short, accessible books will help you practice the basics of Christian living like a pro. Soon you'll find yourself deeply committed to Christ, engaged in an active prayer life, and regularly overcoming common challenges and obstacles that confront you along the way.

In short, read this essential set and you'll soon have a plan of action for developing the habits that are essential to living a Christian life that leads your soul to Heaven.


  • How to Make a Good Confession shows you how to carry the grace of Confession into your daily life & start winning your battles against sin
  • How to Pray Always  offers sure ways to recollect yourself so that your prayers are richer and more productive
  • The Art of Loving God  shows you how to avoid the distractions that trouble and weary your soul, and how you can focus your energy simply on loving God.
  • How to Make Sense of Suffering  helps you see that misfortunes are not the blind workings of chance, but are vital elements in God's loving plan.
  • How to Resist Temptation  identifies for you the elements of temptation and offers practical advice on how to guard against even the unrecognized causes of temptation.

The brilliant authors included here are St. Francis De Sales, Fr. Raoul Plus, Marguerite Duportal, Fr. John A. Kane, and Fr. Francis J. Remler.

  • 5 x 7 inches

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  • 5 Nov 1st 2018
    Valuable Resource

    I'm in RCIA now, so I'm reading all I can in addition to course material on how to live my new Faith on a daily basis. This set is a wonderful resource.


  • 5 Jun 7th 2018
    Basic Catholic Living

    Books are wonderful. Like all my purchases from The Catholic Company I was impressed and the sale price was great.

    Donna Benson

  • 5 Jun 6th 2018
    Basics of Catholic Living

    Awesome books.


  • 5 Apr 16th 2016
    Basics of Catholic Living books

    Wonderful inspiration to help me live a Catholic life!

    Monique Soares

  • 5 Jan 8th 2016
    Basics of Catholic Living

    I am enjoying reading these books.

    Joseph Haertsch

  • 5 Jul 2nd 2015
    The Art of Loving God

    I was happy to receive this set of books and have almost finished the first one. As a religious, it has warmed my love for Our lord even more. Thank you for this full set which I would encourage everyone to read.

    Sr. Maryann Kasica

  • 5 Jun 17th 2015
    Book Set Basic of Catholic

    This is a wonderful set of books. I like the topics and the direct way in which they are written. It's interesting to me that though I'm not Catholic I enjoy their authors and devotionals. I subscribe to the Magnificat and have incorporated it into my morning devotional reading. I also use it in the evening Mass on EWTN. I'm a cradle Methodist and devoutly practice my faith in that tradition but have a love for the Catholic Church and will buy future materials from the The Catholic Company.

    Regina Wesley

  • 5 Jun 17th 2015
    Basics of Catholic Living

    Love this set and bought one for my friend!

    Kathie Majerchin

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