Becoming the Best Version of Yourself (CD)

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Matthew Kelly
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  • Becoming the Best Version of Yourself (CD)
  • A talk that will deeply change your life
  • Powerful, uplifting, and practical
  • Perfect to pass on to your friends and family

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself reminds us that everything makes sense in relation to our essential purpose, and that, without a clear understanding of the purpose in our lives we find ourselves constantly in a cloud of confusion.

Kelly then explains the meaning of friendship, work, marriage, money, all in relation to our essential purpose. Beyond that he demonstrates how understanding our essential purpose brings clarity and direction to our lives, especially in the area of making decisions.

Finally, he challenges us to reassess the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of our lives. With the heartwarming charm and humor he has become so well known for, Kelly invites his audience to make one resolution in each of these four areas… and explains how these four new habits can transform our lives.


"You were born to become the-best-version-of-yourself! This is your essential purpose and the most important discovery you will ever make. Embrace this one solitary truth and it will change your life more than anything you have ever learned. In every situation, simply ask yourself, 'Which of the options before me will help me become the-best-version-of-myself?'"
Matthew Kelly

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  • 5 May 2nd 2012
    My husband and I both loved it!!l

    A great CD to help look at yourself through the lens of God Best Uses: At Home, In The Car, Inspiration, Studying; Describe Yourself: Adult, Teenager, Young Adult; Pros: Can Listen Over And Over, Uplifting


  • 5 Sep 2nd 2011
    Excellent, Loved It!

    Great way to spend an hour on the road! Best Uses: In The Car; Describe Yourself: Adult; Pros: Can Listen Over And Over, Uplifting


  • 5 May 20th 2011
    What a speaker

    Matthew Kelly is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. He makes you think about every day things and look at them in a new and fresh way. Best Uses: Inspiration, Relaxing; Describe Yourself: Adult; Pros: Uplifting


  • 5 Aug 7th 2010
    Good Investment!

    We listened to Matthew Kelly's inspiring cd during our vacation. He truly gives sincere, simple advice. I think everyone and anyone could learn something from listening to his advice. I look forward to reading his books. Best Uses: At Home, In The Car, Inspiration; Describe Yourself: Adult; Pros: Can Listen Over And Over, Uplifting


  • 5 Jul 25th 2010
    CD Review

    It is very inspiring Best Uses: At Home, In The Car, Inspiration, Relaxing; Describe Yourself: Adult; Pros: Can Listen Over And Over, Uplifting


  • 5 Dec 10th 2008
    Mathew Kelley speaks to the soul

    My husband and I listened to Matthew Kelley's CD on our way to Adoration yesterday. I recommend it highly for people of all ages. It is not an apologetics tape, it speaks mostly to Catholics, but if a non-Catholic were to listen, this is most certainly a tool for evangelization. Mr. Kelley hits the nail square on the head in helping us get on the road to union with Christ. It is ONLY one CD, so he couldn't say EVERYTHING. I would have liked to hear more about Our Blessed Mother, Confession, and the Holy <a class="autolink" href="">Eucharist</a>, but in this talk, he is not speaking to Catholics who are well-formed in the faith, he is speaking to the many Catholics who go to Mass out of habit, and inwardly wonder "why". He outlines a very simple discipline that, if adhered to for a year, will undoubtedly result in a transformation of will and intellect (the soul), and our whole lives. Those who are well learned in the faith will be VERY excited in listening to Matthew Kelley, because he is sharing what is objectively and universally true and good. Best Uses: Education, Enlightening, Everyone; Describe Yourself: Avid Reader; Pros: Engaging

    Joan h.

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