Before I Was Me & Personalized Pillowcase (2 Piece Set)

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  • 2 Piece Set
  • Before I Was Me
  • Vibrant pillowcase with personalized message
  • Sweet addition to a child's bedroom
  • Exclusive to The Catholic Company

Once you discover this set, your child's bedtime routine will never be the same! Let your child's sleepy head rest on this personalized pillowcase as you read a poignant yet lighthearted story about God's loving plans for each child He creates. You'll want to buy a set for your family and one to give at a Baptism or birthday celebration.

Before I Was Me

Before I was me,

When I was still with God,

I asked Him, “Who will I become?”

“Oh, my little one,” He replied,

“I have great plans for you!

I have chosen you to be

a very important person whom I will always love.”

Thus begins a charming odyssey of self-discovery, as, in conversation with God,

the child imagines himself as:

. . . an ASTRONAUT going off to work each morning in a rocket, stopping halfway to Mars for milk and cookies . . .

. . . a BAKER baking yummy treats everyone wants . . .

. . . a FARMER growing food for hungry people of all nations around the world . . .

. . . a DOCTOR healing giraffes and rabbits, and, yes, people, too . . .

. . . a TEACHER helping boys and bears and gophers and girls become the best they can be (while giving hugs to the downcast!) . . .

. . . a PARENT making the lives of children happy and safe; and finally…

. . . a CHILD! . . . important simply for who he is and WHOM GOD WILL ALWAYS LOVE.

This heartwarming book is paired with a cheerful, colorful pillowcase: a wonderful reminder to the recipient of God's immense and personal love. Text on the personalized pillow reads: “Oh, my little [name], I have great plans for you! I have chosen you to be a very important person whom I will always love!” A thoughtful gift for young children on any occasion.


  • Hardcover book
  • 40 pp.
  • Pillowcase: Standard size pillowcase
  • 3 inch hem; 300 thread count; 60% combed cotton; 40% polyester; Machine wash

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Write a Review
  • 5 May 2nd 2019

    My 6 year old granddaughter, Lexie, was absolutely over the moon about the pillowcase. First of all she loved the picture of God protecting her. Second she loved that her name was actually on the case. She also seemed to be very interested in the book.

    Mary Sandru

  • 5 May 1st 2019
    Before I was Me

    This book and personalized pillowcase is so adorable! I bought them to give my autistic grandson a concept of who God is, and he not only understood the book, but he loves his pillowcase! Would give ten stars if I could. Highly recommend, especially for younger or special needs children.


  • 5 Apr 18th 2019
    Before I was me

    Love, love, love this book! The pillowcase is a perfect addition also that gently reminds the child how precious he/she is. I love everything about this book. Beautifully written, soft sweet colors. A joy to read, and a greater joy to give.

    Donna O’Connor

  • 5 Jun 7th 2018
    Before I Was Me & Pillowcase

    Bought this for my granddaughter's first birthday. The pillowcase is precious and the book is up lifting. My granddaughter and her parents loved it.


  • 5 Apr 7th 2018
    Before I was me Book & Pillowcase

    Great combo and as pictured, would recommend!

    Alan B

  • 5 Apr 5th 2018
    Before I Was Me

    Gave the book and pillowcase to my granddaughter as part of her Baptismal gift. I read the book and loved it, as did her parents. The pillowcase is very pretty and reflects a page in the book. We all thought this was a very clever idea that you could read the story to the child at bedtime and they can sleep on part of the story.

    Dolores Galardi

  • 5 Apr 4th 2018
    Before I Was Me and Pillowcase

    My grandchildren love it. Gave it to them for Easter


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