Belt of Truth: Armor of God #1

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  • First in this wonderful, virtue-driven series 
  • Teaches kids how to love, strive for, and live virtue 
  • Exciting and engaging stories with Catholic lessons 
  • A must-have for today's Catholic kids Add to your family library today
The Armor of God books delightfully teach children to love and strive after virtue, while entertaining them with interesting stories. In this first in the series, George Pennington wants to be a knight! He bravely faces the fearsome head knight at the annual “tryouts,” hoping to be among the few accepted to Knight School for Boys and Girls. When he accidentally burns his mother’s cherished tapestry, is his chance at Knight School over? A lie seems like the best solution. As lying becomes easier for George, he discovers that students must earn the first piece of armor: The Belt of Truth. Wonderful read for families and kids. 

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  • Author: Theresa Linden
  •  Pages: 108 
  •  Format: Paperback
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Belt of Truth: Armor of God #1