Beyond Sunday - Becoming a 24/7 Catholic

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Teresa Tomeo
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  • Beyond Sunday - Becoming a 24/7 Catholic

According to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, less than 25% of Americans identifying as Catholic attend Mass regularly. And even among those who do, a large percentage of weekly Mass attendees don’t know how to take their faith beyond Sunday. Faith activities outside of church are minimal and often regulated to social activities at the parish or school. But having a vibrant faith life built around an encounter with Christ and a deep understanding and appreciation for Church teaching, is often a foreign concept. Even engaged Catholics struggle with helping people live their faith vibrantly 24/7 or well beyond Sunday.

Beyond Sunday: Becoming a 24/7 Catholic by Teresa Tomeo helps Catholics go beyond attending Mass on Sunday and integrating their Catholic faith in their daily lives –24/7. She provides a step-by-step guide for people, no matter where they are in their faith life, as well as others looking to truly embrace and activate a vibrant faith life based first and foremost on an intimate relationship with God. 

Through personal stories, research, and practical steps, you will discover the fruits of living out the Catholic faith beyond Sunday. After reading this book, you will come away with a 24/7 reality of God in your life, combined with real tools to help others achieve the same.

Beyond Sunday helps you appreciate the depth and beauty of the Catholic faith and understand what it means to truly encounter Christ on a personal level.


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