The Bible Is a Catholic Book & The Ultimate Catholic Quiz (2 Book Set)

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  • The Bible Is a Catholic Book & The Ultimate Catholic Quiz: 100 Questions Most Catholics Can't Answer - 2 Book Set
  • The Bible Is a Catholic Book
  • Scripture is inseparable from Catholicism!
  • The Ultimate Catholic Quiz: 100 Questions Most Catholics Can't Answer
  • A fun, engaging way to learn about the Church and Catholicism

The Bible Is a Catholic Book

In The Bible Is a Catholic Book, Jimmy shows how the Bible cannot exist apart from the Church. In its origins and its formulation, in the truths it contains, in its careful preservation over the centuries and in the prayerful study and elucidation of its mysteries, Scripture is inseparable from Catholicism. This is fitting, since both come from God for our salvation.

If you’re a Catholic who sometimes gets intimidated by the Bible (especially scriptural challenges from Protestants), The Bible Is a Catholic Book will help you better understand and take pride in this gift that God gave the world through the Church. We are the original “Bible Christians”!

And even non-Catholics will appreciate the clear and charitable way that Jimmy explains how the early Church gave us the Bible—and how the Church to this day reveres and obeys it.

The Ultimate Catholic Quiz: 100 Questions Most Catholics Can't Answer

This book offers a fun and challenging way to see how well you know Catholic teachings, practices, and history. Karl Keating, best-selling author and founder of Catholic Answers, presents a multiple-choice quiz with 100 questions about a wide variety of subjects connected with Catholicism.

Each of the 100 intriguing questions gives five possible answers. Only one of the answers is completely correct. The book is laid out in an easy-to-read format with the question and five possible answers on one page, and the analysis of each of the five answers, noting the correct one, on the next page. The questions, and the possible answers, are written with thought, precision, and sometimes a little humor to make for engaging reading.

The quiz does not pretend to be comprehensive, but the questions cover multiple areas—doctrines, morals, and customs, as well as historical events and personalities— and should provide your mind and soul with a good workout. This book will be useful for individual or group study.

"Every Catholic family needs this book. It possesses the rare combination of being entertaining and even fun to read, while at the same time being challenging and educational."
— Tim Staples, Author, Behold Your Mother: A Biblical and Historical Defense of the Marian Doctrines

"In The Ultimate Catholic Quiz, Karl Keating's drollery is on display in equal measure with his deft knack for teaching the faith and making it fun. My family had a jolly time getting some answers right, some wrong (and learning as a result), and snickering over hilarious fake answers in this multiple choice bonanza. As was said by a) Augustine, b) a Mysterious Voice in Augustine's Garden, c) the Confessions, d) me, e) all of the above: 'Take and read.'" 
— Mark Shea, Author, By What Authority? An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition

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The Bible Is a Catholic Book

  • Author: Jimmy Akin
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 192

The Ultimate Catholic Quiz: 100 Questions Most Catholics Can't Answer

  • Author: Karl Keating
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 210

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