Blessed Leonid Feodorov: Bridgebuilder Between Rome and Moscow

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  • Incredible and inspiring story
  • Bl. Leonid Feodorov, first Bishop of the Russian Catholic Church
  • Survivor of the Gulag, who died after being forced into hard labor
  • Man of the people and courageous leader
  • Story of Russia, the revolution, and the Church's faithful

By the inscrutable designs of divine providence, during the fateful year of 1917, when Our Lady appeared at Fatima, there were two events that also occurred in Russia. The very first Catholic Exarch (a bishop approved by, and under the direct jurisdiction of, the See of Peter) for the Russian Catholic Church was named.  He was Blessed Leonid Feodorov. 

The other event was of course the Revolution, accomplished by Kerensky and Lenin in two stages, that turned over the vast Russian Empire of the Romanovs to a clique of anti-Christian persecutors. Holy Mother Russia (and the whole world) has suffered greatly from this Revolution, and both still suffer from the scars and effects of it.

Bl. Leonid Feodorov was persecuted for the Faith, he survived the gulag, and was put to work making charcoal. He was a courageous and faithful man of the people who died because of the rigors of his incarceration and treatment, in Ukraine, in 1935. This is the inspiring story of an incredible man of his people and his Faith. 

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  • Author: Paul Mailleux, S.J.
  • Pages: 278
  • Format: Paperback
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Blessed Leonid Feodorov: Bridgebuilder Between Rome and Moscow


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