The Chaplet of St. Michael

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  • St. Michael the Archangel chaplet
  • Represents the 9 choirs of angels
  • Comes with St. Michael medal
  • Bright, colorful glass beads

Of all the many different chaplets, this is probably the most elaborate. It consists of nine groups of four beads each, consisting of three Hail Marys and one Our Father on each. The nine groups are in honor of the nine choirs of angels, and each group is a distinctive color to represent that choir. This chaplet was given to a devout servant of God, Antonia D'Astonac, in an apparition by St. Michael. This chaplet measures approximately 13 inches from the base of the medal to the middle of the loop. It comes with an small insert that that explains the Promises of St. Michael as well as the method of reciting the chaplet with the applicable responses and prayers.

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  • Approx. 13" length
  • Comes with chaplet prayer instructions

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  • 2 Jul 19th 2016

    The beads are pretty, on my first use the chain broke. I will be looking for something better made.


  • 5 May 19th 2016
    The Chaplet of St. Michael

    This chaplet beautiful - the beads are almost as lovely as Austrian Crystal, just a little lighter in weight, and although it is very delicate looking, it is sturdy as can be. The prayers are easy to say - I haven't missed a day since I got mine in the mail and for me that's quite an accomplishment! The prayer card is very tiny and somewhat difficult to read, and there are quite a few typographical errors. I photocopied mine to enlarge it. Read the promises!!!

    Linda Craig

  • 5 Apr 3rd 2015
    Great Devotion

    A high quality product that I have been using daily since getting it last Christmas. This chaplet is an excellent devotion to practice. I would absolutely recommend this product.


  • 5 Mar 26th 2015
    Great Devotional Aid

    My wife and I have a devotion to St Michael, so throughout the year we'll say the chaplet together. It comes with a little sheet with the prayers needed, and for the most part the size of a rosary.


  • 5 Sep 20th 2014
    Love St Michael luv the Chaplet

    After a couple years of using this St Michael chaplet it still looks brand new and i luv the quality and beauty. Simply a must have and i am highly satisfied, thanks catholic company.


  • 5 Jun 17th 2014
    Love this chaplet

    I received this last year for my birthday and I love it. It's a powerful and beautiful prayer experience. I wouldn't say that it is a really lengthy prayer to say daily. It takes about 15 minutes or so to pray the chaplet. The beads are very beautiful as well, and good quality.


  • 4 Mar 2nd 2014
    Beads are too small

    Disappointed in the quality of these beads. Beads are so small it's difficult to hold them.


  • 5 Apr 1st 2012
    I have truely enjoyed using the Chaplet

    I use the Chaplet every morning. I enjoy looking at the colorful beads while I meditate on each Salutation. I will purchase another for a friend in the future. Pros: Bead colors are beautiful, Easy to follow


  • 5 Feb 14th 2012
    I Love St. Michael

    Once you get the hang of using the St. Michael Chaplet it goes pretty smoothly. Pros: Great Colors, Great incentive to pray


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