The Choice of the Family - A Call to Wholeness, Abundant Life, and Enduring Happiness

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Jean Laffitte
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  • The Choice of the Family: A Call to Wholeness, Abundant Life, and Enduring Happiness
  • A helpful gathering of interviews and reflections
  • A book that confirms the importance of the family, especially today
  • Learn about the vocation of the family

“The Christian life we are called to live within the family is not something just to be studied. It is something to be lived. And it is something to be lived with joy.”
-Carl A. Anderson, from the Introduction

When the Catholic Church speaks of “vocation,” she means the “calling out” of each human person to accomplish a task preordained by God in the co-redemption of the world. Every human being has a vocation. God created each individual soul with a specific purpose in mind. Thus, the greatest joy for a Christian is pursuing the purpose for which God created him or her. For Christians, marriage is a vocation. 

In this series of interviews and reflections, the Head of the Pontifical Council on the Family at the Vatican focuses on the intricacies of family. Bishop Laffitte provides theological and practical insight to deepen our relationships with our parents, children, brothers and sisters, and, ultimately, God. The Choice of the Family stresses the importance of the family in the twenty-first century and issues a call to action for everyone to reinvigorate the teachings of Jesus in his or her day-to-day life.

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