Communion of Saints - The Unity of Divine Love in the Mystical Body of Christ

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Stephen Walford
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  • Communion of Saints: The Unity of Divine Love in the Mystical Body of Christ

At the heart of the Catholic faith stands a mystery, that of the “communion of saints,” in which the three states of the Church—on Earth, in Purgatory, and in Heaven—are united in sanctity and charity. In his new book, Stephen Walford invites us into this mystery from both biblical and theological perspectives so we may better understand what it means to be part of the “Mystical Body of Christ.” In a world where rationalism and relativism seek to erase the divine truth of Christianity, the doctrine of the communion of saints invites us to look beyond the natural, and embrace the supernatural, united in love with the Holy Souls and Saints who assist us in our journey toward the Kingdom of God. This book seeks to illumine, for Catholics and non-Catholics alike, the beauty of this teaching of the Church on the unity of the divine love between God and man.

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