Confessions of St. Augustine

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Rev. J. M. Lelen, Ph.D.
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  • Reflections on St. Augustine's life in the light of scripture and the presence of God
  • Prayer book format
  • Translated by Rev. J.M. Lelen, Ph.D. 


The Confessions of St. Augustine from Catholic Book Publishing is - after the Bible and the Imitation of Christ - the most widely translated and highly esteemed book in Christian history. Translated by Rev. J.M. Lehen, Ph.D., this Confessions of St. Augustine is published in a prayer book format, offering a more participatory reading and prayer experience based on St. Augustine's confessions of his youthful errors. With a red vinyl cover, this classic Confessions of St. Augustine will make a tremendous personal resource or gift.

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  • 4 3/8 x 6 3/4 inches
  • Flexible imitation leather
  • 448 pages

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  • 5 Jul 9th 2020
    Confessions of St. Augustine

    The spiritual autobiography of the first 35 years of St. Augustine's life provides a fascinating insight into the mind and spiritual development of this great Doctor of the church. While reading "The Confessions", I have also learned so much about the Manichaean philosophy and other noted academics of Augustine's time. This text is a great learning experience and valuable foundation for continued faith in our doctrine...

    Dr. Henry Sinopoli

  • 5 Mar 1st 2017
    A must for penitents.

    This work is an essential part of knowing how God forgives and how He never leaves us even when we are sinful. He always calls us back and when we are living a life of sin, those "bad unpleasant events" that result from that sin are His just punishments and wake up calls. I can so relate to what St. Augustine is saying as I had that same dissolute lifestyle when I was younger. Now that I am back with God, I highly encourage young folks to focus on what is eternal - namely God!

    Jim Callow

  • 5 Oct 15th 2016
    Beautiful Book

    I'm in 2nd year formation for the diaconate, and St. Augustine is one of the church fathers that has helped me on this journey. I feel a connection to our faith reading his journey. It just shows over a thousand years later, we're all searching for the same thing. Our souls are restless till they rest with you.


  • 5 Jan 14th 2016
    Confessions of St Augustine

    I was VERY pleased by this product. I bought it for my son and I had hoped that the picture was going to be a clear representation of the product. It was!! In fact, it was even better than the picture! If you have a book lover to buy for, this product is a sure winner!


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