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Catholic Product Reviewer Program

Calling all Catholic bloggers, podcasters, vidcasters, and webmasters!

Are you interested in receiving free Catholic books, DVDs, and gifts to review on your site? 

Well then, The Catholic Company's Reviewer Program is just the ticket!  As a member of our Reviewer Program, you'll have a chance to pick a free review product from a list of items currently available.  We usually have 10 to 15 items to choose from, and they are always recent releases or relevant to current events.  All we ask from you is to post an honest review of the product sent to you!   

Your review could be as simple or as complex as you'd like.  We expect you to be more interested in some products you receive, so it's natural for some reviews to be better than others.  Sometimes, you may get a product you don't care for at all.  That's alright, we still want your honest review!

Program Details:
Reviewers must have an existing blog, podcast, vidcast, or web site that shows signs of active readership.  The content must not contain anything contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.  The author must not spam or promote their site in any unacceptable way.  You may choose a product to review from the available review products whenever you have completed your previous review.  There is no deadline to complete a review, however we prefer that reviews be posted within 2 months of receiving the item.  You will not be able to choose a new product until your previous review is completed.  Each review must include a link to our home page and a link to the product page on our site; no affiliate links allowed in the review.  There is no length requirement, but each review needs to be unique content created by the reviewer. 

Apply for Membership Now:
Please click the link below to send us your information. You can email us at if you have additional questions. 

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