In Conversation With God - Vol. 5 - Ordinary Time, Weeks 24-34

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A series of outstanding meditations that follows the Church's liturgical calendar. Each day's meditation is divided into three parts and is five or six pages long. The subjects relate to themes from the Mass readings for that day or the liturgical season. This work helps the reader deepen the message of Christ in the ordinary circumstances of the day.

Topics include:


Twenty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time:

Unlimited forgiveness
With Jesus
The Prodigal Son
The Faith of the Centurion
Return to Life
Speaking well of others
Receiving Jesus well
Serving Jesus
The good ground

Twenty-Fifth Week in Ordinary Time:

The Lord's vineyard
The most important of all
The sons of light
The light upon the lampstand
The silence of Mary
To visit the sick
To want to see the Lord
The time and the moment
Mediatrix of all graces

Twenty-Sixth Week in Ordinary Time:

The Virtue of Obedience
Work for everyone
The Christian meaning of suffering
On the road to Jerusalem
Following Christ
The harvest is plentiful
Preparing the soul
The reason for our joy

Twenty-Seventh Week in Ordinary Time:

In the vineyard of the Beloved
Holy Matrimony
To grow in Faith
Taking care of one another
In Bethany
The Our Father
The name of God and His Kingdom
The Will of God
Prayers to the Mother of Jesus

Twenty-Eighth Week in Ordinary Time:

The invited guests
The look of Jesus
Being grateful
Our daily bread
Forgive us our trespasses
Temptation and evil
Chosen from all eternity
The leaven of the Pharisees
The sin against the Holy Spirit

Twenty-Ninth Week in Ordinary Time:

Giving to God what is God's
To serve
The power of prayer
The hope of our life
With the readiness of love
Much will be asked
I came to cast fire upon the Earth
The signs of the times
The barren fig tree

Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time:

Joyful in the Lord
Christ is passing by
True prayer
Looking up to Heaven
The glory of the children of God
Afterwards you will understand
The Love of Jesus
Without human respects
The seat of honor

Thirty-First Week in Ordinary Time:

Your one and only Father
To love with deeds
Without waiting for a reward
Christian solidarity
The fruits of the Cross
The friend of sinners
To pray for the dead
Serving one master

Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time:

The parable of the ten virgins
The value of almsgiving
The dignity of the human body
The importance of giving good example
Unprofitable servants
The importance of the social virtues
Like a walled city
The Christian outlook on death
The prayer of petition and Divine Mercy

Thirty-Third Week in Ordinary Time:

Generosity towards God
The second coming of Christ
Working until the Lord's coming
The Lord never withholds his grace
The fidelity of Eleazar
We want Christ to reign!
The tears of Jesus
A house of prayer
Loving the Virtue of Chastity

Christ the King: The reign of Christ

The poor widow
Our feet of clay
Patience in adversity
All you peoples bless the Lord
Words that will not pass away
On our way to the house of the Father

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  • Author: Francis Fernandez
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 590