Crimson, Bronze & Gold Nativity - 6 Pieces

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  • Elegant 6-piece Nativity Set 
  • Richly colored figures ~ 18" tall
  • Finely detailed and expertly crafted
  • From the beloved St. Joseph's Studio collection
  • Perfect for a living room foyer, church narthex or other large space
A moving and elegant Nativity Set featuring 6 pieces is regally colored in crimson, bronze, gold and ivory tones. Finely detailed and expertly crafted by Joseph's Studio, the generously sized set makes a gorgeous Christmas Nativity Scene and an especially handsome one for larger spaces. Perfect for foyer, church narthex, office, retreat center or any spacious location where larger figurines are suitable, it is a wonderful and attractive Nativity. 
  • Tallest Figure: 18" (H)
  • Resin
  • Joseph's Studio Collection

Crimson, Bronze & Gold Nativity - 6 Pieces