Cultivating the Spiritual Life: The Beginnings of the Life of Grace & Mysticism as Told by the Saints

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  • Daily companion in the spiritual life
  • Guide to a devout life in the world
  • How to achieve holiness and live a life of grace
  • From the writings of Fr. Adolphe Tanquerey, Church Doctors, Saints, Mystics and Theologians
  • Embossed leatherette edition

This work has been constructed as a daily companion to deepen and fortify the foundation of your interior life as taught by the tradition of the Church. 

Cultivating the Spiritual Life is intended to serve as a day-by-day guide for you to live a devout life in the world to point the way to an enlightened, well-balanced, and authentic piety. 

Taken from the writings primarily of that great 20th century master of the spiritual life, Fr. Adolphe Tanquerey, and further enhanced with writings from various doctors of the Church, saints, mystics, and theologians, Cultivating the Spiritual Life is a daily companion for those searching to grow closer to Christ by understanding how the spiritual life works in us. The purpose of this work is not to transcend any particular school or preference of spirituality, but rather to show what is universally common to the Catholic spiritual life and what each soul must know to succeed in his own earthly pilgrimage to God. 

Fr. Tanquerey composed a complete and orderly summary of questions on the spiritual life which can serve as a devotional treatise for spiritual reading by his clear, lively, practical, and careful writing that serves to help foster a truly devout life while avoiding being dry and being controversial. 

Cultivating the Spiritual Life should be read by taking the teachings of the Church as a whole and finding the common principles and rules for strengthening the basic fundamentals that the Church has always taught. Fr. Tanquerey wrote those for all those “who are seeking to live a thoroughly Christian life and thus fit themselves to be living, breathing models of Christ in the world today by a deep interior life.”

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  • Author: Fr. Adolphe Tanquerey, PSS
  • Pages: 600
  • Format: Leatherette
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Cultivating the Spiritual Life: The Beginnings of the Life of Grace & Mysticism as Told by the Saints