Daily Roman Missal Third Edition

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  • Daily Roman Missal Third Edition
  • Single volume
  • Bible passages and prayers that form the rich tapestry of our Mass
  • A beautiful, lasting gift idea

The Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition, durable and beautiful with a deep burgundy padded bonded leather cover and 6 ribbon markers, is both a tool and a treasure for any Catholic who wishes to learn about, love, and live the Mass more fully.The Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition presents the liturgical year's worth of Sacred Scripture, allowing the faithful to follow and delve further into the Church's holy celebration including those for the Sunday liturgies.

This new edition is updated with the guidelines of the Bishop's Committee on the Liturgy.

*Seventh Edition, Third Printing Copyright 1993-2012 - Texts of Roman Missal, Third Edition, Copyright 2010 - Liturgical Calendar Table Years 2011-2024

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Other valuable revisions include:

  • All the readings for a day are now contained in each entry, not referenced throughout the volume.
  • Both the long and short forms of readings are printed.
  • Illustrations from illuminated manuscripts grace the pages.
  • The sixteen new saints in the Church's calendar of feast days are added.
  • Relevant passages from the Catechism of the Catholic Church offer an educational perspective on the liturgies for Sundays, feast days, and solemnities.
  • Devotional prayers for before and after Mass have been expanded with new translations more literal and faithful to the Latin originals.
  • Latin translation of the Novus Ordo is included for the mass parts.  It does NOT contain the Tridentine Latin Mass.
  • Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation I and II are NOT included in this particular version of the Third Revised Daily Roman Missal.

Need Help Using Your Missal? Click here for "How To Use The Daily Roman Missal"

Below is an initial "set up" ribbons suggestion.  It gives the new user somewhere to start—which can be adjusted as their proficiency develops.

1st ribbon--place in the proper location for the readings--Proper of Time

2nd ribbon--place in first page of the Introductory Rites/Confiteor

3rd ribbon--at the Liturgy of the Eucharist

4th ribbon--at Communion Rite / Our Father

5th ribbon--at the Proper of the Saints

6th ribbon--at the Prayers Before / After Mass

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  • Measures 6.75" x 4.5" x 2"
  • Weighs just over 2 lbs
  • 10 pt. font size
  • Printed in Italy

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  • 5 Jul 14th 2018
    Daily Roman Missal - Easy to use; chock full of goodness!

    This book is so helpful to me! I am a recent convert, so I have a lot to catch up on. It is more pleasant for me to have a book rather than turning on my computer/phone for the daily readings; I can take this to mass and make notes (keep post-its inside). It's easy to use despite the extensive content! Just take a few minutes to find where we are in the liturgical year, remember which color ribbon you used to mark the day's page, and you're good to go. The included prayers are an added bonus.


  • 5 Apr 16th 2018
    Daily Roman Missal

    I purchased this Missal about a year ago. I can honestly say it is my personal favorite. It has helped me so much in following along with the Catholic Religion and teaching me about Mass, the Eucharist, many prayers, and so much more. It has been such a huge pleasure to work with along my journey. I absolutely love my Daily Roman Missal. ~Peace be with you~


  • 5 Mar 14th 2018
    Nice Gift

    I purchased this as a gift to my grand nephew as he is to be baptized at the Easter Vigil 2018. The missal is beautifully printed and bound, much like the missals of old. The format is Novus Ordo. My only disappointment: the missal should have been properly boxed in order to gift wrap easily. I wanted to examine the missal and skipped the gift wrapping. A simple box around the book would have been appreciated.

    Justin Kielty

  • 5 Feb 26th 2018
    Daily Roman missal

    Great book. Have been enjoying it.

    Frank Rosas

  • 5 Jan 12th 2018
    Daily Roman Missal

    So far really like this Missal. Took me a little while to figure it out. Paper pages are too thin. I will have to be careful not to tear them. Miss the Collect, Prayer over the Offerings, Communion Antiphon and Prayer after communion on the daily mass readings. Maybe I just don't know where they are. But I think I will really like this missal once I get used to it.

    Jane Johnson

  • 5 Aug 29th 2017

    I am enjoying my Missal on both weekdays and Sundays. It is very well presented and organized. Love being able to follow the readings for each Mass and follow the readings for the saints of the day. The Missal also has many of the prayers, devotions, and explanations of the sacraments and church teachings. Highly recommend this Missal.


  • 5 Aug 16th 2017
    Daily Roman Missal

    I started using my new Missal the Sunday following it's arrival. I attend Mass often during the week and it's always with me. I keep it in my car so as not to forget it when I arrive at Church.

    William V Picknally

  • 5 Jan 3rd 2017
    Love my Daily Missal!

    When I could not get to Mass on Christmas Eve, I watched the Papal Mass from the Vatican, 11:30 pm-1:30 am! I followed along with my English/Latin version of the Mass, being Italian I also understood the Italian prayers! The children dressed in native clothing were beautiful as was Baby Jesus! I loved when they brought Him from the altar to the back of the Vatican to the manger with Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and animals with the Angel overhead! Jesus is the reason for the season!

    Alberta Falcioni Davis

  • 5 Sep 22nd 2016
    Spiritual Enlightenment

    The Daily Roman Missal has now become the one book that brings joy and contentment to my daily life. When I was a high school student (1962-1966) I had a _Cathedral Daily Missal_. It, too, was an excellent volume, but the _Daily Roman Missal_ is far superior to any book I have reviewed. If you are considering a missal, this is by far the best choice.

    Ken Zelasko

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