Desire and Unity: Augustinian Spirituality for Today

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  • Insights into the messages of St. Augustine
  • Timeless truths and wisdom relevant today
  • Explanation behind the thought that helped shape the Faith
  • How to live his messages and understand his views
Intellectual giant of the Christian West, Saint Augustine is also one of its greatest spiritual masters. To this man of desire and friendship, Christ taught to purify everything in charity, to direct everything towards God, to unify everything in communion. His thought profoundly influenced the history of Catholicism and the vigor of his view of the human heart responds to today's concerns. Fr. Emmanuel-Marie presents beautiful insights into this timeliness message of desire and unity of Augustine, which offers us a living message charged with hope.
  • Author: Fr. Emmanuel-Marie Le Fébure Du Bus 
  • 160 Pages
  • Format: paperback

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