The Didache Bible, Hardcover

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  • The Didache Bible 
  • Ignatius Edition
  • Includes extensive commentaries based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Assists the reader in understanding the Church’s teachings on current issues

The Didache Bible presents extensive commentaries, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, for each of the books of the Holy Bible. It also includes numerous apologetical inserts to assist the reader in understanding the Church's teachings on current issues.

It uses the Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition translation of the complete text of Sacred Scriptures, Old and New Testaments. This Bible version is considered by many Catholic leaders and authors, including Peter Kreeft and Scott Hahn, as the most beautiful English translation of the Bible today.

The Didache Bible is a valuable resource for students and those participating in Scripture studies. Ideal for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and intended to be accessible by all Catholics in its level of scriptural scholarship.


  • Twenty-seven full-color biblical maps, including the journeys of Jesus Christ
  • More than 100 apologetical explanations that help to answer common questions about the faith
  • Comprehensive, forty-three page glossary and a topical index
  • The font size for the text of Scripture is 9.5 points which is comparable to the font size used in most business letters
  • The font size for the text of commentary is 8.5 points
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • Sewn binding

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  • 5 Jun 26th 2020
    Didache Bible

    Beautiful bible!

    Matthew C. Rinaldi

  • 5 Jun 12th 2019
    Best way to read the word of God

    Giving context to books of the Bible is what I needed. How the teachings of the Church and the historical events are explained is truly an amazing experience. I have just started reading it and I'm amazed at how much I am learning.


  • 5 Nov 5th 2018
    Didache Bible

    I liked the Introduction, Brief Summary of Sacred Scripture and the Chronologies of the Old and New Testaments. I also liked Cardinal Francis George's explanation of how this Didache Bible "includes extensive commentaries of Sacred Scripture based on the Magisterial teaching as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church." This helps me to "better understand the teaching of the Church on current issues."

    Lawrence Enomoto

  • 5 Sep 4th 2017
    The Didache Bible- hardcover

    This is the best bible I've ever owned. With detailed book descriptions, glossary, study guide, preface and scholarly footnotes, it's like having a biblical scholar with you as you are reading. I highly recommend the Didache Bible for the serious lay or collegiate student.


  • 5 Feb 21st 2017
    An excellent study guide.

    I have found this Bible to be a wonderful help in my spiritual journey. The cross references to the Caticism of the Catholic Church are an excellent help in understanding the Catholic faith. I would recommend this Bible to all my friends.

    Michael Laskey

  • 5 Feb 8th 2017
    The Didachne Bible

    I love my new Bible, it's just want I wanted. It's very informative. The explanation of the scripture is written in a way I can understand it more.

    Felicia K

  • 5 Feb 7th 2017
    Didache Bible

    Perfect addition to our selection, We do not have this version and cannot wait to get into it.

    Darlene Martino

  • 5 Feb 3rd 2017
    review of Didache bible

    Anyone who wants help in interpreting scripture can do no better than with the Didache bible. All explanations proceed from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. What better source is there?

    R. Lamoureux

  • 5 Jan 4th 2017
    great Bible

    Gave to my husband and he loves the Church Cathechism notrs that accompany every chapter.. great tool to grow in faith and love of the scriptures and the Church


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